Port-au-Prince Haiti is a stressful place, one resident said

A young man, 33 years old, is telling a friend about his daily life experience in Port-au-Prince Haiti. It is a stressful place he says.

PHOTO: Downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti, Zone Rue Des Casernes, Jul 2014

The young man lives is a upper Delmas neighborhood. I wont say which Delmas but hes says it classified as a red zone (Zone Rouge.)

Hopping on a tap-tap is stressful the man said. Many times his cellphone got stolen on a tap-tap as bandits get in and rob everyone on-board.

"One time, in front me," he says, "a young lady was asked for his cell phone during a robbery on a tap-tap. she hands over the cheap phone she had and the robber said: This is the baby, where is the mother?"

"You cannot blame young Haitians for leaving the country," he says. "If they are living the life I am living, they are better off somewhere else."

What do you think about that?

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Simon Em says...

This is a disgrace those in power dont want even clean trashes in the country.

No plan no visio.


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