PHOTO - Wyclef Almost Naked On a Motorcyle

On October 17 2012, rapper Wyclef Jean announced his birthday by going to Twitter and sharing a photo of him, nearly naked, on a Ducati motorcycle while wearing nothing but his man panties.

Wyclef Jean, Half-Naked on a Motorcycle!

Hip Hop Wired calls it the Wyclef 'Mankini' biker photo...

October 17 2012, Wyclef Tweets:

"TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep a good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!,"

I guess you will agree... This is an attention getting photo...

Of course it is...
Clef is promoting his new book!

Bon... All criticism aside... Medam yo... What do you think about this photo?

Mesye... dont hate... poze...

Medam... Reply with your comments

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Lisa says...

Personnellement, je ne vois pas ce qu'il y a de choquant sur cette photo!Il a un beau corps, bien conservé§Je pense qu'il faut montrer les belles choses!Ne soyons pas hypocrites Mesdames:j'avouerai même qu'en regardant cette photo, je suis toute

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Rich says...

Good Adobe Photoshop work. I saw Wyclef at the airport a couple of months ago and he looked nothing like that. Face is him, legs are him but midsection and torso "ADOBE PHOTOSHOP" for the one who want to break it down, look at the shadow his left arm left on the garage door which is about 15 feet from where the bike is. Second look out how shinny the middle part of the body compare to his face and legs. Third look at the shadow of the bike. It's before the motorcycle which will indicate the light source is behing the bike. Just for info. Enjoy and tell Wyclef he can get the same results with 3 months at the gym and a good

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Haitien says...

that's not wyclef...

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Patsy Abner says...

Man panties?

What is up with that?

I don't believe that this is his body, only his head. I don't know if he gave permission for this photo or not but if I were a MAN I certainly would not want the words "man panties" associated with my name. I think it is a phony

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Lyne says...


He doesn't look that bad. However, really?

I'm not in total agreement of it. It lacks a bit of class.

But hey, if this is how he wants to celebrate, who am I to stop him. He's flaunting it while he's got

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Colette says...

Why, oh

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Marcda says...

That's not wyclef.

The face maybe his, but surely not the

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