PHOTO - Haitian Businessman Clifford Brandt In Handcuffs for Kidnaping

Look at this photo of Rich Haitian businessman Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, arrested for Kidnaping and being escorted by Haitian police to a local police station.

Photo of Clifford Brand In Handcuffs for Kidnaping

I found this photo on twitter... Somebody must have snatched it with a cell phone at the police station.

INFO, read Clifford Brandt Arrested In Haiti For Kidnapping

Earlier this morning when I found out about this I thought it was just a rumor...

No rumor here... A picture is worth a thousand words!

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Max says...

se pou yo pratike pen de mort nan peyi ya epi touye tout vagabon sa

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Max says...

prezidan mateli supoze instale pen de mort nan peyi ya pou tue tout vagabon sa yo epi lot yo va reflechi avan yo ta vle mete insekirikte enko nan peyi

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Haitien says...

neg sa yo ap kreye la troublay pou pays ya pa janm bon pou yo ka toujours reter nan tete...

se yo se matelly

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Danielle says...

VANINA mwen dakor avek ou 'ce malonet sa sam rayi a talê ou pral tande li lagé .ce ront

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Mm says...

So they can find all those bosses who are causing so many trouble to Haitians and visitors and it is a must.

We always figure out that kidnapping is an affair of poor in Haiti we have the proof, though it is not fair.

Ces salopards costumés, d'apparence propre, sont les plus malsains du pays prostitution, massisi voleurs de patrimoine de conscience, ils sont tout.



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Josy says...

I was not there, so I do not if Mr. Brandt is guilty or innocent.

I can tell you the guys who are doing the actual kidnappings, and the dirty jobs have bosses.

They work for people with power, and money.

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Vanina says...

sa fe la penn. Pendan lot nasyon ap eseye ede nou pou devlope peyi nou, inogure uzinn epi prop moun ki ta supoze an tet pou ede se yo ki nan kalite vye zak malonet sa yo. Se you

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