Haiti After the Rain - It is a MUDDY Mess in Carrefour

The commune of Carrefour Haiti was a muddy mess Monday following torrential rains that brought a tons of mud to the main road blocking traffic for hours...

The Haitian police station along the national road going through Carrefour was in a sea of mud, police cars was burried in mud...

PHOTO: Haiti After the Rain - Carrefour Police Station, it's a MUDDY Mess...

Traffic was a mess, it took hours to go though Carrefour. Police officers trying to direct traffic were just covered in mud...

PHOTO: Haiti after the rain - Carrefour Traffic Police Covered in Mud

Newly elected Mayor of Carrefour, Jude Pierre Edouard went on the radio saying how overwhelmed his team was in trying to help the residents of the city. The city has no money, "I couldn't even put gas in my car to go out there," the mayor said.

He called on the central government to do something about it.

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