The Haitian workforce is going to Chile... That's sad!

A talented young Haitian men with 15 years experience installing floor tiles on high rises in the Dominican Republic has decided to leave Haiti and find life in Chile because he cannot survive with his talent here in his own country.

Breaking News: Haiti Airport overloaded with young Haitians going to Chile

Another Haitian man, a construction foreman, who was working for a Haitian friend of mine told my friend "I have 3 days left to complete as much as I can because I am going to Chile," NOT to work in the construction industry but as a day laborer in Chilean agriculture.

When I was a child I used to hear Haitian School teachers leaving Haiti to go to Africa. I didn't think I would witness it with my middle age years years.

The Haitian workforce is going to Chile... That's sad!

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Eunice Tassone says...

What is even sadder is that Haiti is just realizing this. For the past 15 years young people that our organization educated through secondary school and university had to leave Haiti for Venezuela, Brazil and Peru because they could get jobs there.

Haiti could solve this problem if Haitian businesses would invest more in their own country creating jobs instead of waiting for outsiders to do this for them. The wealthy one percent living in their mansions in Petionville could care less about their own people.

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