Carolyn Desert Crowned Miss Haiti 2014

PHOTO: Carolyn Desert crowned Miss Haiti 2014 Haitian model Carolyn Desert was crowned Miss Haiti 2014 last night, Saturday, 06 September 2014 at the Karibe Convention Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti... more »

Haitien, le yon Moun Mouri, eske ou "Unfriend" li sou Facebook?

Facebook se kote Haitien fè Tripotay... Zen... Landjèzzz... LOL Mwen gen yon question pou tout Haitien ki sou Facebook... Lè yon moun mouri, èske ou "unfriend" li sou Facebook... Eske ou retire li nan list zanmi-w yo sou Facebook? Ak konbyen ZONBI ou zanmi sou Facebook? more »

Haiti Police arrest American orphanage founder Michael Karl Geilenfeld

American Orphanage founder Michael Karl Geilenfeld arested in Haiti Port-au-Prince Haiti - Haitian police arrested Michael Karl Geilenfeld, an American and founder of the St. Joseph's Home for Boys in Delmas Friday on suspicion of charges of indecent assault and criminal conspiracy... more »

Don Kato (Brothers Posse) at NY Labor Day Festival 2014 - LIVE on a Float...

PHOTO: Haiti Don Kato sou Ticket Magazine, li pwal nan Labor Day Festival Haitian singer Don Kato of Brothers Posse will be performing live on a CHAR (float) in the streets of Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York this Labor Day, 01 September 2014... This news has been resonating on Haitian radio the past few days... more »

Haiti - Maitre ANDRE Michel wanted for Murder, Ordered to appear in Criminal Court

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Breaking News - Haitian Attorney Andre Michel is wanted for the murder of Student Frantzy Duverseau... Judge Lamarre Belizaire has just requested that he be taken to prison... Political persecution OR Justice being served??? more »

Haitian Artists complain about ENCADREMENT - Whose job is that?

Haitian Super Star The other day I was having a conversation with a Haitian artist (painter) who told me that he was so disappointed with his lifestyle as an artist that he gave it up and started focusing on business instead... Most of the Haitian artist out there, paint, music, movies, etc, do it for love not for money, he says... He prefers business as it makes more financial sense... more »

Five Haitian Family members die in Car Crash in Long Island NY Sunday

PHOTO: Myriam Lebrun and Family Bad news from the Haitian New York Diaspora... There was a terrible car accident Sunday in the Long Island Southern State Parkway and five (5) Haitians lost their lives including a Mother and here three children... more »

Haiti Police Brutality - Policeman Runs to the United States to avoid prosecution, BIG Mistake...

UDMO - Police Nationale d'Haiti There was an incident Petit-Goave Haiti where some Haitian police officers created panic during a concert... One of the officers involved is believed to have fled to the United States... more »

Does Haiti Need Tourism? Or Does It Need Justice?

Haiti - Jalousie Slum In Living Color The quest to "save Haiti" seems to be leading the into opposite directions... Human rights attorney Mario Joseph and Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin are both trying to improve Haiti, but are following radically different paths to doing so... One of them wants justice, the other wants tourism. more »

Apre Bondye se Manman-m, Paste a di ou pa Dwe di sa...

things that make you go hmmm Anpil fwa, ou tande yon Haitien ap pale, li di: Apre Bondye se manman-m, apre bondye se papa-m, oswa se yon matant, tonton ki a letranje... Jodi a mwen tande on pastè ki ap preche nan radio, li di ou pa dwe di bagay konsa, li di w-ap "Blasphemer le non de l'Eternel..." more »