Haiti - Protestors throws rocks at Newly Renovated Cine TRIOMPHE in Champs-de-Mars...

PHOTO: Haiti - Ciné Triomphe Prèske Pare Can yon believe this? Haitian protestors threw rocks at the newly renovated Ciné TRIOMPHE in Champs-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince Haiti, during the 16 December 2014 anti-government Manifestation... Many Haitians share they anger about this on Social Media... more »

Haiti Justice - Lionel "Le Recif" Nelfort arrested in connection with Sonson La Famila

PHOTO: Haiti Police National - Uniform Haitian authorities arrested Lionel "Le Récif" Nelfort Thursday, 11 Dec 2014, someone they say is a member of Baz Galil, the same group linked to Woodley Ethéard, aka Sonson La Familia, who is currently in jail on Kidnapping charges... more »

Haiti Traffic Accident - Thomassique transport vehicle, at least 5 people dead

Camion Transport Le Bon Samaritain Gonaives Haiti Plateau Central Haiti - A Thomassique transport vehicle was involved in a traffic accident late Saturday afternoon, 06 December 2014. At least 5 people are reported dead and many are injured... more »

Haiti - President Martelly Just Released his Autobiography

President Martelly Autobiography Haitian President Michel Martelly has just released his autobiography in a book launching ceremony at the Karibe hotel Friday 05 December 2014... Friends came in great numbers to purchase an autographed copy of the book... more »

Haiti Levanjil - "Si Papa-m se Roi, Fok mwen Prince" - Ki opinion ou sou sa?

En Haiti, Levanjil ap preche tout lajounen, mirak ap fèt, epi pèp la nan lamizè pi rèd... Maten an, mwen tande Robert Celiné, alias Bob C., sou antènn Radio Caraibes ki di: "Si Papa-m se Roi, Fòk mwen Prince!" Bob C. t-ap refere a kantite moun ki aksepte Jezi nan peyi a, ki ap lapriyè lajounen kou lannwit, 7 jou sou 7, epi sitiyasyon yo pa janm chanje... Ta sanble lidè evanjelik yo plis preche pou kenbe moun sa yo nan lamizè olye pou yo ta ede moun sa yo soti nan lamizè... Pastè vinn pi rich, Fidèl yo menm ap jete ti sa yo genyen an nan lakòlèt... more »

Michaelle Jean, First Haitian and Woman to lead "la Francophonie"

PHOTO: Michaelle Jean at the Primature Former Haitian governor-general of Canada, Michaelle Jean, was chosen Sunday after intense debate as the new head of the union of French-speaking nations known as "la Francophonie"... Congratulations Michaelle Jean... more »

Haiti - Protesters wounded by gunfire Fort-Liberte

A Tire Burning - Protest in Haiti There was a street protest in the town of Fort-Liberté Haiti Thursday, it turned violent, Haitian police confirms some protestors were wounded by gunfire... more »

Leogane Haiti - Police Chief Telemaque Claude Arrested for Drug Trafficking and Transported to the United States

PHOTO: Haiti Police National - Uniform Haitian police chief Telemaque Claude, the chief of police of the city of Leogane, Haiti, was arrested for illegal drug trafficking Thursday, 13 Nov 2014... Telemaque Claude was immediately transported to the United States of America... more »

Mia Love, the Obama of the Republican Party?

PHOTO: Mia Love - First Haitian-American in Congress Can yon believe this? Mia Love, the Haitian-American who became the first black, Republican woman elected to Congress, is already being compared to Obama... Could Mia Love become the Obama of the Republican Party? more »

Haiti Education - Only 13 percent of Haitian students can read 30 French words per minute

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) In a series of tweets from the Haitian Government Wednesday, it was revealed that only 13 percent of students in Haiti can read 30 French words per minute... The average is 60 words per minute... more »