Haiti - President Martelly nan 3eme Annee Droit nan Gonaives

President Mitchele Matalla, Bandi Legal - Michel Martelly Men Nouvel... Haiti - President Michel Martelly se yon etudian li ye... Martelly nan 3eme année Droit nan Faculté de droit des Gonaives... Se nouvel saa ke jounalis Robert Celiné alias Bob C. revele sou antènn Radio Caraibes maten Mardi 10 Mars 2015 la... more »

Haitian Student dies from a Bullet intended for a former Depute

Haitian Students 18 Year old Haitian student Mackendy Orelien was killed in Tabarre 4 Wednesday after a bullet intended for ex-Depute Hidson Nelson caught him in the head killing him instantly... more »

Anti-adultery law in Haiti - How many Haitian men would be in Jail?

Deux Pigeons sou Kay Tache I told a Haitian woman about an old anti-adultery law in South Korea that sent adulterers to jail for up to 2 years, she said to me: "Oh yea? They should apply that law in Haiti as well...." Really? LOL... How many Haitian men would be in jail right now? more »

Haiti Tourism: Read about the Tourist who was Looking for the REAL Haiti...

Tourists at the Beach in Club Indigo beach resort in Montrouis Haiti I just read a story about a REAL tourist experience in Haiti... A regular tourist who came to visit Haiti alone from a foreign country not knowing what to expect, not wanting to stay in expensive hotels, she wanted to experience the REAL Haiti... What did she discover? What is the REAL Haiti to a REAL tourist? more »

Haiti - Rocks and Bottles thrown at President Martelly, Teenager Arrested

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly Pran yon kout wosh nan tet Have you heard? Haiti president Michel Martelly was hit by rocks and bottles Saturday 21 Feb 2015 following the national funeral at Champs-de-Mars... Kinderson Esdras, a teenager, was arrested... he is facing a 15 year prison sentence for attacking a Chief of State... more »

Haiti-Dominican Border at Belladere CLOSED Until Further Notice...

PHOTO: Belladere Haiti Police station - Commissariat de Belladere Haitian authorities at Belladere, Plateu Central Haiti, have decided to close the Haitian-Dominican border that leads from Belladere to Elias Pina Friday following an incident where a Haitian man was murdered across the border in Elias Pina... more »

Haiti Students Threaten to ruin Kanaval if Gas Prices does not lower to 100 Gourdes

Haiti: Kanaval vs Manifestation Port-au-Prince is really tense this Thursday 5 Feb 2015, Haitian students are making lots of threats including Burning down Carnival floats and/or stands if gas prices does not lower to 100 gourdes in the country... more »

Don Kato to Participate in Haiti Kanaval 2015 - Brothers Posse Promised a CHAR

PHOTO: Haiti Don Kato sou Ticket Magazine, li pwal nan Labor Day Festival Haiti Carnival News - Prime Minister promised Don Kato of brother's Posse a Char to participate in Haiti Kanaval 2015 - Brothers Posse Promised a CHAR... Will Don Kato show up in Champs-de-Mars? more »

Haiti : 12 Janvier 2010 - 12 Janvier 2015, five years later, Where are we now?

Earthquake in Haiti - Haitian Flag - Collapsed University Sad but true... For Haitians all over the world, 12 Janvier 2015 is wrapped up in such a political chaos that we almost forget that Monday, 12 Janvier 2015, will mark 5 years since a big earthquake devastated the country and hundreds of thousands of people died... Were are we now? HOW is Haiti doing? more »

Haiti - Accident in Cerca-Carvajal, Car kill Husband and Wife in Bed

PHOTO: Car Accident in Haiti There was a terrible accident in Cerca-Carvajal, Plateau central, Haiti... A vehicle ran through a house over a husband a wife who were in bed sleeping, killing them both and crushing the legs of one of the children who were also in bed sleeping, into another house... more »