FLASH: Haiti - Jacques KETANT Released in Haiti, He is a FREE man...

PHOTO - Jacques Ketant - Haitian Drug Lord Convicted Haitian cocaine kingpin Jacques KETANT, deported from the United States, has been released by police immediately after he arrived in Haiti... Beaudouin "Jacques" Ketant is a FREE man... Free to move about the country... more »

FLASH: 50+ Haitian Deportees Including Drug Lord JACQUES KETANT just Landed in Haiti...

PHOTO - Jacques Ketant - Haitian Drug Lord BREAKING NEWS... A U.S. Marshall Plane just landed in Port-au-Prince International airport carrying on-board 50+ Haitian Deportees including cocaine kingpin Jacques Ketant... YES... JACQUES KETANT just Landed in Haiti... more »

1 Haitian Murdered in Brazil, 5 others Wounded by Gunfire

Haitian Migration to Brazil We have just learned that A Haitian was killed and five others were wounded by gunfire last week in an attack orchestrated by Brazilians hostile to their presence in Sao Paulo (Brazil)... more »

Haiti - Bill Clinton daughter Chelsea Clinton Coming to Haiti

PHOTO: Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Coming to Haiti - The Clinton Foundation announced Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea will be in Haiti along with Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala to lead a group of philanthropists, business leaders, and Clinton Foundation supporters to visit and see the works the foundation is doing in Haiti. more »

Haiti Elections - Did Haitian Voters LOOSE Interest in the Elections?

Haiti National Palace... Once upon a time in Haiti... Haiti Elections Update -- How interested are you in the elections this year? If you take a poll amongst your family and friends in Haiti, you will realize that many of them have lost interest in the upcoming elections... Honestly, when you hear conversations in the streets of Haiti, more people are worried about the Haitian gourde losing its value to the US dollar than who will be the next senator, depute or even president of Haiti... more »

Fearing Deportation, Haitians in the Dominican Republic have DESERTED the Streets

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians Out of fear of being deported from the Dominican Republic, many Haitians immigrants who usually are out there buying and selling in Capital Santo Domingo and Santiago have deserted the streets... more »

Question: Is Haiti ready to receive 300,000 Dominican sons and daughters of Haitian Immigrants?

Soy Dominicano Haiti Immigration News -- The Dominican Republic is getting ready to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian decent once the deadline to regularize foreigners in their country expires... Is Haiti READY for this impact? It will be have a HUGE impact of Haiti... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Coupe Cloue Jr. Shot DEAD in Delmas 7

PHOTO: Coupe Cloue Jr - Haitian Music Breaking News... Haitian Musician Jean Gesner Henry Jr aka Coupé Cloue Junior was shot dead in Delmas 7, Port-au-Prince, late night Tuesday, 27 May 2015, by armed bandits... The young singer was shot four times... Coupe Cloue JR is Dead... more »

Haiti Elections - Actress Nice Simon, Anne from I Love you Anne, Candidate for Mayor of Tabarre

Have you heard? Don Kato and Pere Demeran are not the only Superstar candidates in the upcoming Elections... Nice Simon, Anne from the movie "I Love you Anne" is a candidate for Mayor of Tabarre... more »

Haitian Diaspora Talk - Niece in Haiti discourages her auntie from coming back to Live in Haiti...

Pa Rele-m Diaspora, Mwen Se Haitien Recently, overheard a niece in Haiti discouraging her auntie from coming back to Live in Haiti... "You are a diaspora," she said, "Everyone will think you have money. don't come live here, it is too dangerous..." Seriously??? more »