Haiti - Clifford Brandt to Go on Trial Before the End of the Year

Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested and Convicted for Kidnapping in Haiti The Haiti Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation) has ordered the trial of Clifford Brandt by the end of the hear, Haiti Radio Metropole report Monday... more »

Haiti - Top Adlerman di se Tout Bon li te fe Mouchwa Tounen Koulev nan Emission Pi Lwen Ke Zye

PHOTO: Haiti - Top Adlerman Scene Couleuvre ak Junior Rigolo, Pi Lwen Ke Zye Tande sa... Musicien Top Adlerman di sou antenne radio Caraibes FM ke se Tout Bon li te fe yon Mouchwa Tounen Koulev nan Emission Pi Lwen Ke Zye... more »

VIDEO: Haiti Presidential Candidates, The FUNNIEST but TRUE Reportage, Who the Hell are They?

Candidat a la Presidene 2015 Watch the video... The FUNNIEST but TRUE Reportage about the Haiti Candidates for president we know absolutely NOTHING about... They want to be president but Who the Hell are They? They are not on Facebook, they are not on Twitter... Some of them crawled from under a rock and want to be the Next President of Haiti... more »

Haiti Music - Herold Christophe Body Finally Repatriated to Haiti, Buried Saturday

PHOTO: Herold Christophe After nearly one month since his death, the body of Haitian Singer Herold Christophe was finally repatriated to Haiti... The remains of the singer arrived in Cap-Haitien Friday morning. A funeral was held Saturday. more »

Haiti Tragedy - 4 Family members die en Route to a Funeral

Haiti Accident - Car Motorcycle Jacmel Haiti - Tragedy strikes a Haitian family en route to a funeral Saturday... The driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle and a terrible accident followed... Four family members died including a mother and child, many others were injured... more »

Haiti Police - Godson Orelus Reappointed Director General of PNH

Godson Orelus - Directeur General - Police National d'Haiti Haiti president Michel Martelly has just reappointed Godson Orelus Director General of the Haiti National Police (PNH) by presidential decree... more »

Haiti Vice-Consul shuts down Haiti-Dominican Border with her vehicle

PHOTO: Haiti Diplomatic Vehicle blocking Ouanaminthe Dajabon Border Haiti-Dominican relations -- Haitian vice-consul Judnie Galdine Souffrant made a boo boo... She literally blocked the Haiti-Dominican border with her vehicle paralyzing traffic between the two nations for over two hours... Because Dominican authorities at the border dared to ask her for her identifications and that of the vehicle... more »

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, The Haitian-American who made History on Broadway, Died

PHOTO: Kyle Jean-Baptiste - Haitian-American Actor on Broadway This is a sad story... 21 year old Haitian-American Kyle Jean-Baptiste made history on Broadway as the first African American and the youngest person to ever play Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, on Broadway... Last week, Kyle fell to his death, four stories from a fire escape at his mothers apartment in Brooklyn New York... more »

Haiti Diaspora, Back To School: Parents who shop online for supplies save more than in Stores

PHOTO: School Supplies Aisle - Back To School Have you heard? When it comes to back to school supplies Amazon beat out two if its biggest competitors, Walmart and Target... It seems parents in the diaspora would save more money if they were to shop for back to school supplies online than in the stores... Question: How many Haitians parents actually shop online? more »

Weddings in Haiti - I will NEVER get Married, my Cousin says...

PHOTO - Getting Married - Wedding in Haiti For all the Haitian ladies out there looking for marriage, there is one man I know who is NOT a candidate... "I will never get married," my cousin said... Wait until you hear the reason why... more »