Haitian Ti Machanns complain they got robbed during Tuesday Manifestation

PHOTO: Haiti - Machann Fig Haitian street vendors (Ti Machanns) complain they were robbed during the opposition street protest Tuesday... more »

List of Haitian NBA Players

Haitian NBA Basketball Player Skal Labissiere Here is the complete list of Haitian basketball players and American basketball players of Haitian descent playing in the NBA, The National Basketball Association: more »

List of Haitian NFL Players

NFL Player Pierre Garcon Here is the complete list of Haitians and American Football players of Haitian descent playing in the NFL, the National Football league: more »

A Haitian Teacher says: I am educating the children of others while I cannot pay for my own child's education

PHOTO: Teaching in Haiti - A Haitian school teacher teaching a in a classroom A Haitian school teacher, Paulette Dorsilome, from Verrettes lashed out at Senator Youri Latortue Saturday asking that public school teachers get paid what is due to them by the state (l'Etat Haitien). more »

FLASH : Haiti Rebel Guy Phillipe Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison in the USA

Guy Phillipe Breaking News... Guy Phillipe, Haitian rebel leader and recently elected Senator of Haiti, was sentenced to spend nine years in prison in the United States Wednesday for accepting bribes to protect cocaine smugglers who used Haiti to ship drugs to the United States. more »

Dany Laferriere : Turneb Delpe used to give me money to go to the movies

PHOTO: Danny Laferriere and Turneb Delpe Haitian writer and academician Danny Laferierre wrote a great tribute to politician Turneb Delpe after his death. In it, Danny Laferriere racalls moments as a teenager when Turneb Delpe would slip money into his pocket to go to the movies. more »

Loud Music in Haiti : People in the streets play their music so LOUD the world can hear...

Portable Radios Haiti - Joker Boombox There is a LOUD music phenomenon in Haiti, at least the city where I live. All day long, young men particularly walk around with a radio boombox and they play their music so loud the world can hear... more »

Haitian beggars are becoming more creative these days, they want more money

Haiti Currency - 500 Haitian Gourdes Begging in Haiti has taken a new form... Normally, a poor street beggar will ask you for HTG $5 gourdes, but these new smart beggars are clean cut, well dressed, they ride on motorcycles and they ask you for GAS money... more »

Your Wedding Day may Cost Less very soon...

Getting Married Getting married is expensive isn't it? Well some fashion designers are thinking about designing affordable wedding wear to drive down the cost. more »

Question: Do you call your grand parents OR do you contact them via Social Media?

Lieutenant Galbeau Saint Preux and his Grandsons My 84 year old father has a flip-flop mobile phone and refuses to upgrade to a smartphone. "I am too old to learn new things," he says... But what is the best way for his grand kids to contact him these days? more »