Peace and Love between Haiti and the Dominican Republic?

Would you believe that the earthquake brought peace between Haiti and the Dominican Republic? I just read an article about it and I couldn't believe what I was reading. AND... Get this... The Dominican Republic pledged $100 Million to build a Haitian university that will be nearly a third larger than ALL the existing Haitian universities combined.

Wow... Finally... Amazing isn't it?

Haitians and Dominicans have been involved in a cock fight for quite some time and it looks like this fight may be all over...

When I bought the website, my intentions were to share all the beautiful pictures I took there and my experiences in DR when I decided to spend 3 months there back in 2008.

I since turned it around to discuss Haitian racism in the Dominican Republic.

I may have to reconsider...

Believe it or not, my grand mother and my great grand parents are from Monte Cristi and Dajabon, Dominican Republic.

And believe me... I am looking forward to it.

Read an excerpt from the article "Enemies: A Love Story" published today on Newsweek Magazine:

Haiti and the Dominican Republic may share a tiny Caribbean isle, but they have always despised each other.

The earthquake may have changed that...

...After centuries of rancor, the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people may finally make friends of these neighbors...

Before the quake, anti-Haitian violence had reached fever pitch: Haitian migrants were routinely lynched, burned, and beheaded in the Dominican Republic.

But in the wake of this most recent tragedy, Dominicans responded promptly and with great charity to their Haitian neighbors.

They threw open their borders to Haitians in need of medical care, halted the deportation of thousands of illegal Haitian immigrants, and sent millions of dollars worth of urgently needed supplies - along with debris-removing heavy equipment and an army of volunteers to use it.

After the most pressing crises subsided, the Dominican Republic pledged some $110 million to build a Haitian university that will be nearly a third larger than all the existing Haitian universities combined. Meanwhile, violence inside the Dominican Republic against Haitian migrants screeched to a halt.

Michele Wucker says: "We've had zero reports of violent attacks since the quake"

Dominican officials have also been instrumental in helping international aid groups access their earthquake-ravaged neighbor...

Read the full article, Enemies: A Love Story, very interesting reading and please post your comments here, I really want to know what you think about this.


Can there actually be peace and harmony between Haiti and The Dominican Republic Finally?

Can we actually bring the "Hing Hang" to an end?

How will that benefit both nations?

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Josy says...

Get off this site, and you are not Haitian.

You here to insult us more, but I will absolutely not put up with it and Dominicans hare race issues.

I have been there as a tourist from New York City, and went to get my hair done at the hotel's beauty parlor.

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Salvador says...

Any clear, unbiased mind will not take my comments as an insult.But since you mentioned things that you find incongruous from several nationalities, I just wanted to know what you find inconsistent with your own's.
This topic transcends time and nationalities so it does not matter when you posted

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Josy says...

The problems are the same all over the world, and even in Caucasians.

I know parents who prefer their "blonde blue eyes" child over the dark hair ones, Haitians know they are negroes from Africa, and the culture is undiluted in Haiti.

They do not pretend to be anything else, and if you cannot afford to visit the motherland go to Haiti.

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Salvador says...

Josy tell us about your "mulatto" upper class.Are they proud Haitians?Do they have an identity problem?What issues bother them since French colonial times?It seems that all those contradictions that you clearly point out are also present right there inside your home.
Tell us about them so that we can have a better idea of the dynamics of the Haitian

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Chaira says...

Yes i have a library card and my childhood was very pleasant and full of hapinnes i insist in youu to stop emailing me i dont want to continue this conversation...

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Josy says...

You do not need to get personal, and attack when having a debate.

Do you get it?

I do not have any problems in my life, and am glad you have a passport.

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Chaira says...

Lady you have a serious problem in your life look for counsel and yes i have a passport and im a us citizen!!! thank

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Josy says...

I chose not to debate with you, because you are apparantly a kid and obviously have no experience.

I did not realize children were responding on this site, and like to have discussions with adults.

The way you attacked me in your reply prove to me who I am dealing with, and am entitle to my own opinion.

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Josy says...

OK! I chose not to debate with you, because I have too much to say to you. You are obviously young, and have a lot to learn in this life. I have news for you, and your women are all over Haiti for years.

We have no jobs for them, so I let you imagine the rest and come to your own conclusions.

Haitians go to the Dominican Republic to work, shop, get medical care, or go to school and spend millions there each year. We are not beggers, and parasites.

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Chaira says...

oh my god im a light skin dominican with bad hair just like you and most people in dr have bad hair and are dark what are you talking about.

who have stolen the help most countrie's send?

haiti!!! is your own government...

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