Patrice Millet - Haitian CNN Hero

After battling cancer, not once, but twice, Haitian businessman Patrice Millet sold his business and moved back to Haiti to help the children... His weapon: SOCCER... Meet the Haitian CNN Hero...

Five years ago, Patrice Millet learned he was in the advanced stages of a rare bone cancer...

He survived...

In summer 2007, Millet sold his construction supply business and started a program called FONDAPS, which stands for Foundation Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours (Foundation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help).

The program uses soccer to help Haitian children stay out of trouble and learn valuable life skills.

Millet calls it "education by sport."

Patrice Millet says: "I would rather die doing something good than die in bed... I prefer to die on the field than die at the hospital..."

What an inspiring quote... Especially knowing that it is the fear of death that keep most of us, with the desire to help rebuild Haiti, hidden in the Diaspora...

Watch the video...

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Elmar says...

Hello Patrice, when I saw this report on CNN I was really impressed and I saw a real Hero.

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Ader Guillaume says...

Mr Millet,
My name is Ader Guillaume, Founder & CEO of a Marketing company named ELECTROADS and also the President and Founder of the Ministry of Sound Haiti.- Since your interview at Radio Metropole I've been try to reach you but I can't get your contact number.

If you read this please email me with your phone contact info and I will give you a call for a proposition of a life time. I in the mean time congratulate you for the Extraordinary effor that you're doing 1st of all for the children and I admire your personality.

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Cj says...

Thank You Mr. Millet for answering to your calling.

You are a father, Hero and brother.

I pray for your continue strength and courage.

God blessing be with you and

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Jean-claude Jean says...

This the kind of Haitian who make me proud, not the nasty politicians who do
not do anything esle tha stealing, killing and destroy what left in the Coun-
try. Bravo!Mr Patrice.

Be strong ! Your body, as mine, will die, but your spirit, your love, those kids you help, will remain as an exemple of a "True
and real Hero" I wish to meet you one day, meanwhile all you have done is good, but the best one is :Having Jesus in your life. May God bless

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Taly says...

wow this is truly an inspiration
it reminds me that there are still a lot of good people out there who still think of giving back to Haiti despite everything that is going on.
i pray that God prolongs his life and allow him to continue to be a blessing to those

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Jd says...

Yes...That's a great quote indeed.

And you said it all with the last sentence...Most of us are affraid of going back home because of the constant fear of death.

We should all take a moment to examine how we can learn from such great example of courage, love, and determination.

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