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A Visa to the Dominican Republic is becoming a scarce commodity in Haiti

Dominican Republic Visa - Republica Dominicana Visa he lines are getting longer in front of the building of the Dominican consulate in Pétion-Ville Haiti in recent days and "Haitian raqueteurs" are making a good living form it. more »

What is my Estimated Calorie Needs per Day, by Age, Sex, and Physical Activity Level?

What's for Breakfast : Boiled eggs and sliced mangoes How many calories does your body need every day? You want to know your estimated calorie needs per day, based on your age, sex, and physical activity level? Read this... more »

Weight Loss: If you eat 500 calories less per day you will lose 1 pound per week

Most women want a flat stomach and a BIG bouda, so how you get it? Did you know? 1 pound of body fat is 3500 calories. So if you consume 500 calories less than you normally eat every day you will loose about one pound a week. But WAIT... There's more! more »

Naomi Osaka loses to Serena Williams for the first time

TENNIS: Naomi Osaka vs Serena Williams Haitian-Japanese Naomi Osaka lost her first Tennis match to Serena Wiliams at the Rogers Cup quarterfinals after beating her twice, once in last year's US Open championship. more »

Tennis: Naomi Osaka faces Serena Williams for the first time since the US Open

PHOTO: Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams hugging - US Open 2018 Will it be revenge or another beat down? Haitian-Japanese tennis champion Naomi Osaka faces Serena Williams for the first time since beating her to win the US Open final last year. more »

Cost of living going up in Haiti due to two main factors: The value of the US Dollar and Insecurity

PHOTO: Haiti - Bon Manje Kreyol Cost of living (La Vie Cher) in Haiti has been going up a ramp and some people say it is because of not just one but two main factors: The US Dollar that keeps going up in value non-stop and insecurity. more »

Car Wash Party Haiti - The Newly Popular Wet and Wild Street Parties (VIDEO)

Car Wash Party Haiti There is a new kind of street party in Haiti called "Car Wash Party" where young Haitians are getting wet while drinking to the sounds of popular DJs. more »

Getting a Dominican Visa in Haiti is getting more and more difficult

Dominican Republic Visa - Republica Dominicana Visa The lines are getting longer in front of the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in Port-au-Prince for Haitains wanting a visa to travel to the neighboring country. more »

Most Haitian women I talk to want a bigger butt and a flat stomach - What's up with that?

Walking 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight Most Haitian I talk to want a bigger butt and a flat stomach, they don't care about their weight or how much fat is stored in their body. I meet women who say they want to loose weight but they don't want to loose their butt. What's up with that? more »

Leave the house, Get Away, Go on a Vacation!

PHOTO: Haiti Hotels - Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort - All Inclusive When there is too much stress in the house, when there is too many unnecessary arguments with the one you love, maybe it is time to go on a vacation. Read this true story! more »