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Haiti Environment: Trees are replaced by concrete, this screws up the water cycle

Deforestation is a big problem in Haiti. In many parts of Haiti, especially in and around the major cities, trees are replaced by concrete and this is the reason why the water cycle in Haiti is in big trouble. Read this...

Young Haitian commits suicide upon returning from Chile

Port-de-Paix Haiti - A young Haitian who recently returned form Chile committed suicide Tuesday December 18, less than a week before Christmas.

Haiti no longer has an Embassy in Africa

The Republic of Haiti had decided to close its only embassy in the African continent

Money : The Haitian Gourdes has lost nearly one third of its value since the summer

The Haitian currency, the gourde, has lost its value a great deal lately compared to the U.S. dollar and other currencies, and prices are soaring in a country where people barely have the means to survive.

Third plane load of Haitian immigrants arrive in Haiti from Chile

A third planeload of Haitian immigrants who are voluntarily returning to Haiti arrived in Haiti Monday. 179 Haitians left Chile and returned to Port-au-Prince via a special Chilean government flight.

Cremas: Haiti's Holiday Beverage - It's like eggnog but a million times better, author said

What a way to describe Cremas... I love this delicious Haitian Holiday beverage but I don't think I could've came up with a better description

Are you in Haiti? Do you feel the Christmas Spirit?

Last night, December 13 2018, Only 12 days before Christmas, I am driving down the city of Hinche Haiti and I realize, there's no Christmas spirit here! How is the Christmas spirit in your neck of the woods?

Haiti Agriculture - The slow food movement which originated in Itally making its way to Haiti

Haiti imports everything including most of the food we eat. The Haitian Slow Food is here, Born in Itally in 1986, some Haitians are embracing this grassroots movement to promote local Haitian food, traditional cooking and to help speed up Haiti's agricultural recovery.

FLASH: American Airlines Cancelling ALL direct flights to Haiti from JFK and Fort Lauderdale starting December 19

Attention Haitian airline passengers, starting December 19, 2018, you will no longer be able to fly American Airlines direct from New York's JFK International Airport to Haiti, nor will you be able to fly direct from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Haiti.

Kingston Jamaica is so much more dangerous than Port-au-Prince Haiti despite what you hear

If you listen to the Haitian media sometimes you will think that Port-au-Prince Haiti is the most dangerous place in the caribbean but, did you know, Kingston Jamaica is the most dangerous city in the Caribbean. How often do you read about that in Jamaican news media?