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FLASH : Dominican Republic confirms the first case of coronavirus in an Italian

Breaking News From Haiti The Government of the Dominican Republic announced this Sunday that the first case of coronavirus disease in the country has been diagnosed in a 62-year-old Italian tourist, who is in isolation. more »

FLASH : First case of Coronavirus registered in the Dominican Republic

Haiti Medical Alert Breaking news -- The Ministry of Public Health has confirmed the first case of imported coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Dominican Republic. more »

Coronavirus in the Caribbean : PAHO Calls to Intensify Preparedness and Response

Feeling Sick The Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Carissa Etienne, is asking local health authorities in the Americas to intensify their Coronavirus preparedness and response plans in the country due to the proximity of the virus to Haiti and other Caribbean nations. more »

Coronavirus : Is Haiti prepared? Where are we?

Haiti Medical Alert Many Haitians are wondering whether or not Haiti is prepared for a Coronavirus pandemic. Here is what we know so far and you need to read this. more »

FLASH : First suspected case of Coronavirus is found in Haiti

Haiti Medical Alert Breaking News... The first suspected case of Coronavirus is found in Haiti. Former Thomassique depute Nickson Dorestil is currently in isolation at Sainte-Therese hospital in Hinche awaiting further testing to confirm whether or not he would have the Coronavirus. more »

Dokte Schiller Louidor di lave men w chak 20 secondes pou w pa pwan nan Coronavirus

Haiti  - Schiller Louidor during an opposition press conference Doktè Schiller Louidor di lave men w chak 20 secondes pou w pa pwan nan Coronavirus. Li pale anpil politik tou. Gade video saa. more »

VIDEO: Haiti Prime Minister talks about steps being taken to prepare for coronavirus in Haiti

Haiti Medical Alert Watch this video. Haitian prime minister ean Michel Lapin spoke to the media about what steps the government is taking in preparation coronavirus should it arrive in Haiti. more »

You have a dream, your loved ones oppose, what do you do?

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... Have you ever wanted to do something and everyone around you, literally everyone is against it? What do you do in that case? more »

Automobile accident in Mirebalais Haiti, many injuries reported

Camion Transport, Ouanaminthe Haiti There was a major car accident reported in Mirebalais Haiti Wednesday. There were no fatalities; however, many injuries have been reported from this accident. more »

Coronavirus reaches Brazil, is it time we got scared?

Haitian Ebola Scare The corona virus which is scaring everyone in China and part of Europe has just reach Brazil. There many Haitians in Brazil. Is it time for us to be scared? Read this... more »