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FLASH : CoronaVirus - Haiti will not allow planes from red zones to land in the country

Haiti Medical Alert Coronavirus measure in Haiti -- The Haitian government has decided to deny entry of all planes carrying passengers from countries like China, South Korea, France and Germany. more »

The bad guys are targeting security guards in Cap-Haitien

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer There has been an increase in criminality in Cap-Haitien, the second largest city in the Haiti the last few days. According to news reports the bad guys are targeting security guards in Cap-Haitien more »

FLASH : Haitian Comedian Tom Male is Dead!

Tom Malè - Manmi Pwela - Journalist Comedian Eric Laguerre We have just been informed that Haitian journalist/comedian Eric Laguerre, alias Tom Malè, alias Manmi Pwela, is died the Saturday Night, 07 to 08 Mar, 2020. more »

Haiti Travel Warning : Do not travel to Haiti due to crime, civil unrest and kidnapping

Haiti Travel Warning - Level 4: Do Not Travel On Thursday, March 05, 2020, the U.S. State Department issued a Level 4: Do not travel to Haiti due to crime, civil unrest and kidnapping. more »

Unemployment in Haiti : Two-thirds of adults in Haiti are unemployed or underemployed

PHOTO: The kind of Haiti foreign journalists just love to photograph! How bad is unemployment in Haiti? It is worse than you think. Many people in Haiti pretend to have a business but they are only fooling themselves Read this... more »

The Clock will advance by 60 minutes in Haiti Sunday

Time in Haiti -  Daylight savings time in Haiti The national time in Haiti will advance by 60 minutes from Sunday March 8 at 2 am, according to an announcement from the more »

Dominican Republic is making a fortune on Haitian diaspora tourists

Young Haitian American diaspora enjoying vacation in Boca chica Dominican Republic. Bad politics in Haiti is benefiting the Dominican Republic big time. Young Haitian Americans who cannot go to Haiti for their vacation are choosing the next best location in the Caribbean: The Dominican Republic. more »

Poverty in Haiti is disguised, Things are worse than what they appear to be

Pep Haitien lonje men yo pou resevwa kichòy, anyen pa poko tonbe... Whatever you think poverty is in Haiti, it is much worse than that. The poverty you see and hear about, that's the disguise. The rabbit hole is much deeper. more »

Success : You will be as wealthy as the 5 people closest to you

Change your friends - Cut out the people in your life who are not contributing to your life Have you ever heard this before? You are likely to be as wealthy as the 5 people closest to you. Now let me ask you this... How are they doing financially, these 5 people closest to you? more »

Gratitude : How important is it for you to bend down and pickup a piece of paper?

Gratitude - Be thankful for everything Do you take the time to be thankful just for being able to pick yourself up literally after you fall on the ground? Maybe reading this will change your mind... more »