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Maarten Boute: Digicel Group is a prisoner of its own investments in Haiti

Doing Business in Haiti -- Digicel Haiti CEO Marteen Boute says his company has become a prisoner of its own investment in Haiti due to the political situation in Haiti and the Haitian currency which keeps on loosing it's value.

Electricity in Haiti : Day 3 after the storm and still, no power in my neighborhood

The wind picked the wrong day to knock down the power line in my neighborhood in Hinche Haiti. May 1st is a holiday in Haiti and EDH, the electric company, doesn't care about your emergency!

Finally the rain has come, now Haitian Farmers can start planting their crops

The rain for many in Haiti is a blessing. Rainfall is good news for many Haitian farmers who can finally put some seed in the earth to grow into crops.

It rained in the city of Hinche Haiti like I've never seen before!

If it didn't rain anywhere else in Haiti, the city of Hinche surely got it's money's worth. Heavy rains and strong winds even knocked out the power line in my neighborhood.

FLASH: Haiti gang leader Arnel Joseph shot and wounded by Police in Artibonite

Breaking News... Notorious Haitian gang leader Arnel Joseph was shot and wounded by police Tuesday the Atibonite department... Audio, listen...

VIDEO: Total Panic at the residence of Haiti Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon after a toy drone lands in his yard

Watch this video... Vivy Mitchell, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, an 11 year-old kid is playing with a toy drone which accidentally falls in the yard of the residence of Police director general Michel-Ange Gedon, what followed was a circus at the highest level or power in Haiti. Watch the video...

Haitian gang leader Jean Sony, alias Ti Je, shot and killed by Police in an operation Monday

Haiti's National Police (PNH) is working hard to stop banditry in the country. Jean Sony, alias Ti Je, a gang leader spreading terror in the capital, was shot and killed by police in operation Monday

US Embassy in Haiti complains of gunfire near its compound Monday

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti issued an alert of gunfire near its diplomatic compound Monday and quickly asked it staff to take shelter.

Dual Citizenship in Haiti - When will the Haitian Diaspora be truly integrated?

The topic of dual citizenship in Haiti is still unclear and subject of debate on Haitian radio lately.

France's Debt to Haiti resurfaces after the Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Fire

April 15 2019, an old medieval church burns down in France and, within 24 hours, nearly one billion dollars is collected for it's recovery. Haiti, an old French colony who was raped twice by her colonizer lies in wreck and still, the former slaves wait for a recovery!