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Some airline companies resume flights to Haiti after gas price hike protests

At least two American Airlines flights landed in Port-au-Prince International Airport Sunday, one day after all flights was cancelled due to violent street protests following a government gas price hike.

DIGICEL Haiti fiber optic cables cut off during gas price hike street protests Saturday

Haitian mobile phone and internet company DIGICEL took a big hit Saturday; its fiber optic cables were cut off causing customers to go without internet access and unable to make or receive international phone calls following violent protest due to an increase in gas prices.

Did Haitians just open another door for American soldiers to step foot in Haiti once again?

Read this very carefully... There is information is circulating that many Americans presently in Haiti feel very uncomfortable with the current situation. Contacts are being made to have "others" come and insure the security of certain people in Haiti.

All flights to Haiti cancelled following major street protests due to rise in gas prices

Virtually every airline company flying in and out of Haiti decided to cancel their flights Saturday after street protest erupted in the country following a government decision to raise gas prices.

UPDATE : Manifestation 7 Juillet - Dife Toupatou, Delimart, Eagle Market, Best Western elatriye...

Men Nouvel k ap sikile sou Rezo Zosyo yo ak sou radio ki an direk jounen Manifestation Samedi 7 Juillet 2018 la:

FLASH: Looting at DELIMART Delmas 32 - Manifestation in Haiti

Haitian street protesters ransack the DELIMART in Delmas Saturday stealing bicycles, rices and other goods from the store during manifestations for gas prices going up.

Coincidence? Haiti Gas prices go way up, Dominican Rep. Gas prices goes down

Is this a coincidence or well-thought-out plan? As Haitians are setting the roof on fire in Haiti against President Jovenel Moise because gas prices in haiti has gone up, our neighbors in the Dominican Republic decide to lower their gas prices almost instantly.

Hurricane Beryl approaching the Caribbean, could hit Southern Haiti Tuesday Morning

Haiti Hurricane Alert - While Haitians are protesting for Gas prices going up a hurricane is approaching the island. Hurricane Beryl could hit Southern Haiti as early as Tuesday Morning.

FLASH : Gas prices going WAY up in Haiti, the country is on FIRE, Manifestation in the streets, it's a mess

News broke Friday, Gas prices going WAY up starting Saturday Morning at the pumps and it looks like Haitians are ready to burn the country down... Street protest broke our Friday in Port-au-Prince and other cities. Wait until you hear the new price for a galon of Gasoline in Haiti...

FLASH : The 2018 FIFA World Cup is OVER for Haitian Soccer fans

Brezil and Argentine are out of the World Cup. It only means one thing: The 2018 FIFA World Cup is OVER for Haitian Soccer fans.