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It was a cold night in Haiti last night...

PHOTO: Sleeping on the Job Waking up to go to church this Sunday was not easy... It is COLD here... There was so much rain fall in Haiti yesterday that the night was one of the coldest nights I've experienced. Even the Mosquitoes ran for cover LOL... more »

TELECO vs NATCOM - Kiyes ki pi bon, Kiyes ki bay pi bon sevis? Ansyen TELECO oswa NATCOM?

NATCOM Haiti Tande sa... Anplwaye revoke TELECO yo ap fè manifestation devan CONATEL pou mande retire non NATCOM epi retounen ak Ansyen TELECO... Yon kesyon: Ki konpayi ki pi bon dapre ou menm? Ansyen TELECO a oswa Nouvo NATCOM lan? more »

FLASH: Haiti - 9-Month Pregnant Woman Dies in front of Hospital General in Port-au-Prince Due to Doctors Protest

Hopital de L'universite D'etat D'Haiti / L'Hopital General Can you Believe this ****??? In Haiti, a 9-month pregnant woman rushes to General Hospital in Port-au-Prince Wednesday to give birth, instead, she DIED unable to give birth BECAUSE doctor are on strike... more »

Haiti : The Mango Season, Haiti should plant more mangos to export to the USA

PHOTO: Haiti - Mango Fransik It is spring in Haiti, the mango season is coming. Haiti should export all types of mangos: Mango corn, mango labiche, mango fil, mango rond, mango peau fin, mango cannelle, etc... more »

Haiti Health - Sugar vs Salt : What is Worse for your Blood Pressure?

Dr. David J. Malebranche When it comes to excess sugar and excess salt in food, Haitians are guilty, very guilty in fact. Especially with salt in our diets, Haitians put salt AND "Maggi" in their food... LOL... But have you ever wondered What's Worse for Blood Pressure? Sugar OR Salt? We just discovered a VIDEO and would like to share it with you... more »

Haiti France : L'ecrivain Haitien Makenzy Orcel, Laureat du prix Louis Guilloux 2016

PHOTO: Makenzy Orcel, Ecrivain Haitien Le prix Louis Guilloux, qui récompense chaque année un écrivain s'inscrivant dans la "lignée littéraire" de l'auteur de "La maison du peuple", a été attribué ce week-end à Saint-Brieuc à l'écrivain haïtien Makenzy Orcel pour son roman "L'ombre animale", publié aux éditions Zulma. more »

FLASH: Haiti - GRO Manifestation fek demare nan ville Cap Haitien...

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation - Paran ap kouri retire pitit yo lekol FLASH: Haiti - Gro Manifestation fek demare nan ville Cap Haitien... Se sa yon moun au Cap anonse sou antenne Radio Ginen zone midi jounen Lundi 25 Avril 2016 la. Rete branche... more »

Haiti Tragedy - An entire family DEAD in Carrefour Feuilles following Heavy Rains and a House Collapse

PHOTO: Cap Haitien Haiti Flooded, one man tries to save his belongings An entire Haitian family has dies in area of Carrefour Feuilles following after torrential rains caused their home to collapse Saturday... One adult and 3 children are dead in the collapse home according to news reports... more »

FLASH: Haiti Manif - Etudiant yo pa vle Minis Education National la rantre nan biwo li

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation, Etudiant, Kawotchou ap Boule Haiti Manifestation Etudiants -- on group Etudiant BLOKE devan Ministere Education National... Yo kouche devan barriere la maten Lundi 25 Avril 2016 la, yo anpeche Minis education an rantre nan biwo li, dapre radio Caraibes FM... more »

Haiti Mangos - Gouvenman Ayisyen an lanse rekolt mango a jodia nan Mirebalais

PHOTO: Haiti - Mango Fransik Haiti Production Mango - Recolte Mango Fransik 2016 la pari wi pou lane 2016 la... Gouvènman Ayisyen an lanse rekòlt mango a jounen Jeudi 21 Avril 2016 la nan Chaubrun, sou route Mirebalais... more »