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FLASH: Haiti - Tension in Arcahaie, Tractor Trailer Blocking the Road

PHOTO: Haiti - Moun Arcahaie BOULE yon Bus Compagnie Sans-Souci The city of Arcahaie Haiti is in a really BAD mood on the eve of Haitian Flag day. A tractor trailer was used to block the main road and set on fire early morning Tuesday... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Traffic Accident near Camp-Perrin, Victims were Carrying Automatic Weapons

PHOTO: Camp-Perrin Haiti Map Breaking News... Haiti - Following an attack on the police in Aux Cayes Monday, there was a traffic accident reported in the area of Duchiti, near Camp-Perrin, not far from Les Cayes, and the victims of the accident were carrying automatic weapons... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Another Police Officer Lies DEAD in Aux Cayes Hospital General

PHOTO: Haiti Police - PNH en Deuil Breaking News -- Panic in Aux Cayes Haiti - Another police officer has died from bullet wounds after unknown individuals attacked the UDMO sleeping quarters in the city... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Police Officer Shot DEAD in Aux Cayes Early Morning Monday

PHOTO: Haiti Police - PNH en Deuil Breaking News... Les Cayes Haiti -- One UDMO Police Officer was shot DEAD in the city of Aux Cayes in an apparent attack on the police force. Another unidentified man wearing an army camouflage and carrying an automatic weapon... more »

Haiti Officially Joins the African Union in June

PHOTO: Haiti in the African Union The African Union has 54 member states. Actually, make that 55: Next month, Haiti will officially become a member.... more »

Haiti Blackout - Depi Haitien an tande "Weyyyyyy" li di: YO Bay Kouran an!

EDH - Blackout in Haiti Bò lakay pam, ge yon ti match foutbòl k ap jwe, a chak fwa spektatè yo di "Weyyyyyy" pou yon gòl ki fèt, ou tande tout vwazinaj ap mande: YO Bay Kouran an??? more »

Haiti Route 9 Bridge Collapse - US Army Corps of Engineers Reveals the Cause

PHOTO : Haiti Bridge Collapse - Route Neuf Bridge in Port-au-Prince Experts from the US Army Corps of Engineers have just revealed the reason the Haiti Route 9 Bridge Collapsed... After inspection of all components of the bridge, the experts concluded that several possible factors may have contributed to the collapse including overloaded trucks crossing the bridge daily... more »

Haiti-USA Visa Question : Does traveling to the Dominican Republic Increase your chances of getting a US Visa?

En Haiti, Yon VISA Americain se GWO Koze... There are many Haitians in Haiti who believe that buying a Dominican visa and traveling to the Dominican Republic a few times will increase their chance of getting a visa to the United States... Is this true of false??? more »

Haiti Music : The Return of Sweet Micky - From Sweet Micky to President Martelly to Sweet Micky Again

Michel Martelly  aka  Sweet Micky Michel Martelly, alias Sweet Micky, the band leader, turned island leader, turned band leader, exchanged his Cabinet members for his band members this past February. Will a Sweet Micky album shortly follow? The musical world awaits... more »

A Haitian Restaurant REVIEW every Haitian Restaurant Owner MUST Read

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips READ THIS... A customer reviewed a Haitian Restaurant like this: "The griot is super good, the service is bad though, the lady in the front is rude..." How many Haitian restaurants do you know deserves the same kind of review? more »