The Haitian Internet Newsletter

Haiti Public School Teachers Salary will increase in October 2017

Good news for public school teachers in Haiti... As of October 2017 Haitian public school teachers will see an increase of 20 to 30 percent...

Haiti Police Nationale Celebrates 22 years of existence

The Haitian national police force is celebrating 22 years of protecting and serving the Haitian people this 12 June 2017.

Haitian-American US Congresswoman Mia Love wants 12 more Months of TPS for Haitians

US Congresswoman Mia Love, the first Haitian American elected to U.S. Congress, thinks the American government should extend TPS for Haitians for another year...

Spending in Haiti - Why are PRICES set in US Dollars when the Haitian Currency is GOURDES

This morning, overheard a man complaining in the radio that the price everything except rice and chicken in Haiti is set in US Dollars... If you want to buy a nice perfume, decent clothing, a night in a hotel room, you have to pay in US dollars. "Why is that," the man asks, "when the currency if Haiti is the Gourde?"

MONEY Advice : Can you save MONEY by simply leaving it on a Savings Bank Account?

Yes, I agree, putting money away in a savings account is a good way to prevent you from spending it impulsively but if you want to put money away hoping to get some good interest on it, to make your money grow, is a savings account the way to go?

Dany Laferriere : Turneb Delpe used to give me money to go to the movies

Haitian writer and academician Danny Laferierre wrote a great tribute to politician Turneb Delpe after his death. In it, Danny Laferriere racalls moments as a teenager when Turneb Delpe would slip money into his pocket to go to the movies.

Taxes in Haiti - When does Haiti's Fiscal Year start and end?

The fiscal year in Haiti starts 01 October (first day in October) and ends 30 September (last day in September).

Haitians in the Diaspora pay more taxes than Haitians in Haiti

A Haitian journalist says: Haitians in the diaspora pay more taxes than Haitians in Haiti. Do you believe this to be true of false?

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BIG problem in Haiti, grown ass men have no respect for little girls

There is something happening in Haiti that really bothers me, I hear it too much, stories about grown ass men and little girls... It bothers me...