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FLASH: Saint Marc Haiti, People are running away from the city fearing 18 November protests

Saint Marc Haiti, people are running away from the city, Jean Monard Metellus of Radio Caraibes FM said Saturday, out of fear of what may happen on 18 November 2018 street protests.

FLASH: Cap-Haitien Haiti barricaded ahead of 18 November 2018 Street Protests

Breakign news... The Haitian city of Cap-Haitien has been completely barricaded since last night, Friday November 16th, ahead of 18 November 2018 Street Protests.

Haiti Money: 75 Gourdes for One US Dollar!

My fellow Haitians, The US dollar has skyrocketed in Haiti lately... As of November 16 2018, you now need 75 Haitian gourdes for one us dollar in Haiti.

Eating Sweet Potatoes (Patat) can help lower your blood pressure

Haitian Health Tips: Did you know that eating Sweet Potatoes (Patat in Haiti) can help lower your blood pressure?

Do you prioritize your everyday activities over your health?

I have a very bad habit and I hope for the sake of your health you do not have the same. I prioritize everything else over a simple 30 minute walk every morning and I intend to change that.

Sorry for the lack of news reporting. I've been sick the past couple of weeks

I have to apologize to you for not reporting the news the past couple of weeks. It is because I've been sick. I hope to recover soon to continue to serve you better.

Funeral procession in Haiti - A sad but funny moment, true story

This morning, I heard a funeral procession going down the streets in the Haitian city where I live and the "fanfare" (the band) was singing the must unexpected song one would hear at a funeral...

Haitian-American tourism promoter charged in scheme to bribe Haitian government officials

Roger Richard Boncy, a 74 year old Haitian-American was charged Tuesday in a scheme to bribe Haitian government officials over the construction of an $84 million port project in Mȏle St. Nicolas, a city in northwest Haiti.

Another long weekend goes to waste in Haiti. Activities interrupted by protests

November 01 2018, All Saints' Day in Haiti was ruined this year. even the director of the Cimetière de Port-au-Prince was complaining on television because the crowd that was expected to come "fêter avec les morts au cimetière" (party with the dead, an annual ritual in Haiti) were disturbed by street protest and sporadic gun fire.

Attention All Diaspora Haitians who love Pois Congo, 'Tis the Season!

For all of you Haitians in the Diaspora who were waiting for "Pois Congo" season to come to Haiti, it's time to make your airline reservations. Pois Congo season 2018 is here!