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Teen Vogue Magazine interviews Naomi Osaka, the Haitian-Japanese Tennis Champion (VIDEO)

Watch the video... Haitian Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka being interviewed Teen Vogue Magazine's Vera Papisova.

Haitian Policeman's Salary - How much do Haitian police officers get paid?

Haitian Policeman's Salary - How much do Haitian police officers get paid? Do you want to know how much a Haitian police officer gets paid. Here is what we found out.

Why do some old people look younger than their age while others look so old at a young age?

A friend of mind looks much younger then all his younger brothers. When I ask him why he looks so young with his old age, he replied: I've always had a younger mind than my other brothers. But could it be more than that?

VIDEO: Naomi Osaka - The Grand Slam Haitian Celebration the World didn't know about

Watch how Naomi Osaka's Haitian family celebrated at the stadium after Naomi won her first Grand Slam title at the 2018 US Open

Haitian Pastor who recommended 21 bed bugs as the cure for HIV/AIDS to present in Court Tuesday

Haitian Pastor Mackenson Dorilas who recommended 21 bed bugs as treatment to his faithful followers suffering from HIV/AIDS has to present to court Tuesday, September 11 in Croix-des-Bouquets to answer questions.

Tennis Fans complain Naomi Osaka's moment was stolen from her at the 2018 US Open finals

Many tennis fans on social media are complaining Haiti-Japanese Tennis player Naomi Osaka's moment was stolen from her at the 2018 US Open finals after she fought so hard to win the championship.

Naomi Osaka is the 2018 US Open Champion - A New Star Is Born!

She's a Haitian! She's a Japanese! She's Naomi Osaka! A new star is born. Haitian-Japanese Tennis player Naomi Osaka played as she didn't feel any nerve at all while Serena Williams completed lost her mind in the second set before losing 6-2 6-4.

US Open 2018 Final: Haitian-Japanese Naomi Osaka faces Serena Williams

The one Tennis match that All Haitian and Japanese tennis fans will watch is happening today, Saturday, September 8 2018 at 4:00pm - US Open 2018 Final : Haitian-Japanese Naomi Osaka will face 23-time grand slam champion Serena Williams

VIDEO: Haitian Pastor tells young women followers: go sleep with many men to educate your children

What the hell is this country coming to? The same Haitian Pastor who claimed he had the cure for AIDS is now telling his young women followers to go sleep around with school principals to educate their children.

US Open 2018: Naomi Osaka always dreamed of a Grand Slam final with Serena Williams, This Saturday, it's on!

Haitian-Japanese Tennis Player Naomi Osaka dreamed that one day she would play Grand Slam final match against her idol Serena William. This Saturday, September 08 2018, her dream becomes a reality.