Obama Promise Change, Reggie Fils-Aime Delivers Change!

While President Barack Obama is having a hard time bringing change to Washington, President Reginald Fils-Aime, Haitian-American President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo America, is bringing lots of change - Acutally BILLIONS - to his company, $3 billion of change in less than 6 months to be exact.

Reggie Fils-Aime

How much is that in Haitian Gourdes?

Wooof... I'm Dizy!...

Biography Misye di konsa ke...:

"Reggie Fils-Aime was born to Haitian immigrants, who moved to the United States due to the conflicting political views of Fils-Aime's grandparents..."


Piti tig se tig!...

Haitien neg la ye!

Ban-m la pe mwen...

But... I do like the way they word things once you become a big success in America.

I bet you if he was a...

"YO YO YO Wuzzup... This Reggie From Da Hood... Dowwwwg... Represent'n..."

His ass would probably be one of the deportees you hear about who have never been to Haiti until they are deported back to their HOME LAND!

HEY Dogggg... When you misbehave in the US of A, Haiti is your home land...

Being a thug is NOT the Haitian way... I am a young man and I am telling you...

SO... You want to REPRESENT?

Pull up your pants, take off that grill, stop copying the bad habits of foreigners, put on a shirt, a tie, go to school, copy success, succeed, let's give them something to talk about.

M-chita, m-ap pale anpil, m-poko menm di-w ki kote w-ap jwen enfomasyon-an!

Here is in-depth interview with Haitian-American Nintendo America CEO, Reggie Fils-Aime, with CNBC's Jim Goldman.

Here is a quote from the interview, you can read the full article here: CEO Says Nintendo Soars, Unveils the New DSi

"Since October, the industry in the United States, October through February, is up about 11 percent dollar growth. Over that same time period, Nintendo is up over 50 percent. Let me put it a different way: the total industry has grown just over $1 billion during that time frame. Nintendo has grown over $3 billion, so do the math. We're accounting for more than 100 percent of the industry growth, so certainly our share is growing. Other people are losing share. Those are the facts."

Thank you, Cousin Boaz, for the info

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Alerte Belance says...

American Media and Mass

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Emmanuel Noel says...

Hello MR; fils-Aime my name is Emmanuel Noel Ileave in philadelphia I am sendind this E-mail just to congratulate you on your great work that you are doing in America, good luck and more blessing for you, you have a friend in philadelphia a la

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Joseph Gourgue says...

Li pa Haitian non! Li ce ou Blanc! No li vini lant baTIMENT Haitien pa an yin we! Sax Pase La misieur ce ou Haitian ce pa vre, li ce ou

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