Nicole Kidman Visits Haiti, Her Focus is on Sexual Violence

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman was in Haiti on Thursday, July 29, to pay a visit to some Haitian girls and women affected by the earthquake.

Nicole Kidman In Haiti

As a goodwill ambassador for the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Nicole Kidman's primary focus is on the safety and security of Haitian women against sexual violence.

Nicole says: "The lack of shelter and security makes them more vulnerable to violence, in particular sexual violence."

I read through most of the news and blog articles trying to find out what is going to get done in the short term, or long term, to alleviate sexual violence against Haitian women in Haiti but honestly, I couldn't find anything except this general statement:

"A new initiative has been launched by UNIFEM, aiming to bring the world's attention to the need to end sexual violence against women in general." (source:

If you know something, maybe you can share it with us.

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Marie Janty says...

Very good lacey, ha ha ha, and you think this is funny! Only to you old white Texan.

You should wonder why you are doing "church" work. Hilarious, is not it?

Only you Lacey, stupid Coward would used somebody else's name to blog ethnic filth.

We know Marcy Paul's writing and it is not his. Go to sleep or better yet, drop dead

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Marcy Paul says...

Nicole Kidman needs to mind her own business.

Jeez, Our Black men in Haiti are mostly rapist and lazy. They drink alcohol and do drugs and then go on a sex frenzy.

We need to have white men come down here and set them straight.

A good public hanging of these rapist is the best answer.

Beat a few more in public for laziness is also a good

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Betina Omelius says...

I encourage anybody who can to visit haiti and help any way they can, wether it's finance, mentor ect.It's time haitian woman know how to defense themself againt sexual pretador and we need to fight sexual harrassment in haiti so haitian woman can stop living in fear. I'm really supporting Nicole on this occasion and I hope other star follow

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Malcom X says...

Aux grands maux les grands remedes.The only reason for me to go to Haiti is to fight, all kind of

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Yvette Duverge says...

Shame on these people that are committing these acts against these women.

Of all the suffering that have happened in these last few months you would think that people hearts would change for the better.

Pray for Haiti, Pray for these venerable women and children only Almighty God can help and protect all of us. God bless you all and God bless Haiti.

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David Grant says...

It is heartrending to read about the misery the Haitian people has to undergo after the earthquake; nonetheless these sexual violence against women is unacceptable.

This gives the impression to the outerworld that the country has descended to barbary, to a state of uncivilised behaviour.

It is hoped that our Haitian men folk desist from such unbecoming attidude.

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David Grant says...

I have no doubt that Mr. Wyclef Jean could easily win this presidential elction by a landslide.

The fact that he is famous, popular worldwide and has been involved in funraising to rebuild the earthquake ravaged Haiti and to alleviate the plight of the Haitian populace ius surely a feather in his

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