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Tourism : Haitian diaspora men and their girlfriends from Haiti are enjoying the peace and prosperity of the Dominican Republic

Tourism -  From a cold Prestige beer in a southern Haiti beach to cervezas en la playa en la Republica Dominicana It is Sunday afternoon in Santo Domingo and a small Haitian restaurant east of the Dominican capital is overloaded with the Haitian diaspora and their girlfriends from Haiti. more »

Earthquake - Young Haitian doctors fresh out of medical school brave the dangers to help their brothers and sisters in south Haiti

A group of young Haitian Doctors Volunteer to help earthquake victims This is the story of five brave young Haitian doctors and a physical therapist, all in their 20s, who pooled their money, bought bandages, antiseptic, gauze and medication, crossed the dangerous frontier of gang infested Martissan to go and help the earthquake victims in South Haiti. more »

Mixed feelings over the deployment of US military on Haitian soil

U.S. military getting ready to go to Haiti The deployment of the US military on Haitian soil is creating mixed emotions among the Haitian population. While some welcome the idea others are flat against it. more »

The US military is being deployed to Haiti as we speak.

U.S. military getting ready to go to Haiti The US military will be deployed to Haiti for a Humanitarian mission, the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince said Thursday. more »

Massive landslides in Haiti following the Aug 13 earthquake and Tropical storm Grace two days later

Mudslides blocks the roads of Camp-Perrin Haiti after Aug 14 Earthquake The earthquake that hit Southern Haiti on Aug 14 2012 triggered widespread landslides that blocked roads, passages and made help and rescue missions even more difficult to arrive where it is needed. Tropical store Grace may have unleashed more land slides according to news reports. more »

The true reality of a South Haiti resident after the Earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace

Haiti Earthquake 2021 - First Photos "Imagine that: Your house is destroyed with everything you had inside and you didn't save anything. You don't have clothes to wear, you don't have food, you don't have money, you're sleeping in the streets, the ground keeps shaking, it is raining, you don't know what to do. That is the reality in the south of Haiti right now." more »

Tropical Storm Grace floods Jacmel Haiti

Tropical Storm Grace Soaks Earthquake Battered Haiti Two days after an earthquake hits southern Haiti, tropical storm Grace soaks the region with rain water. Videos of a flooded Jacmel was circulating on social media. more »

More than 700 dead from Haiti's Aug 14 earthquake - Tropical storm Grace is coming

Haiti Earthquake 2021 - a house in southern Haiti collapses More than 700 people have died from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit southern Haiti on Saturday August 14th 2021. Now a tropical storm Grace comes knocking as victims are reported stuck under the rubble. more »

Some people skeptical to donate to the Red Cross following Haiti's latest earthquake

Haiti Red Cross "Do not send money to organizations like the Red Cross," one user wrote on Twitter, "they have a bad track record," he continued recalling the undelivered promises made following the January 2010 Haiti earthquake. more »

Gabriel Fortune Found Dead in the Rubble - Haiti Earthquake - August 14 2021

Jean Gabriel Fortune Breaking news... Former Haitian senator Jean Gabriel Fortune was found dead in his collapsed Le Manguier Hotel in Les Cayes, Haiti, Saturday August 14th 2021 following a massive earthquake what happened in the region. more »