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Essential products prices sky high in Haiti right now, one bag of cement costs $1,000 gourdes

Cement - Made in Haiti While Haitian politicians are fighting for power and the gangs have total control of the streets and the lives of the Haitian population, the price of essential products like food and construction materials is sky High in the country. more »

Haiti sending unused and expiring Covid-19 vaccines back to the United States

I keep my N95 face mask with me at all times just in case Doomsday comes, I am in New York, the epicenter of COVID-19 The United States donated 500,000 doses off the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to Haiti back in July most of which have not been used and will expire in November. Haiti is returning them back to the USA so that they can be sent elsewhere in the world where needed most. more »

Martissant Haiti nicknamed Carrefour de la Mort - The Crossroads of Death

Getting around in Haiti:  Martissant, a woman is being carried from a Taxi Moto to a Taxi Moun Martissant, once a peaceful community in southern part of Port-au-Prince Haiti has now been nicknamed "Carrefour de la Mort," meaning the crossroads of death, due to so many kidnappings and violent crimes taking place in the gang controlled area which paralyzes life in general from Port-au-Prince to all of south Haiti. more »

Covid-19 vaccine: Only about 20,000 people in Haiti are fully vaccinated out of 11.4 million

Coronavirus COVID-19 : How to protect yourself, what to do if you're sick, Watch for symptoms As of October 2021, only 20,354 people in Haiti are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 out of 11.4 million people, Hades Ministry of Public Health reported. more »

Port-au-Prince - Shalom Church closes its doors due to insecurity and kidnappings in Haiti

Pasteur Musdain - Eglise SHALOM Haiti The popular Church Shalom Tabernacle de Gloire in Port-au-Prince Haiti has decided to suspend all religious activities until further notice to protest against the wave of insecurity and kidnappings that has been ravaging the country lately. more »

Haiti is setting records, The Dominican Republic is setting records. One in criminality, the other one in tourism

Young Haitian American diaspora enjoying her vacation in Boca chica Dominican Republic instead of the northern beaches of Haiti While Haiti has become the kidnapping king of the world, the Dominican Republic has just set an new all-time record in the tourism industry. more »

The battle of Savannah: Haitians did not only come to the U.S. under the bridge of Texas, we've been here before, Ambassador Brocchit Edmond said

Haitian Monument in Savannah GA While paying tribute to the Haitian Heroes of the Battle of Savannah Georgia, Haitian ambassador Brocchit Edmond insinuated that Haitians have been a part of U.S. history even before we were a nation. more »

The Dominicans use their military forces in a way that Haitian authorities can copy from if they really want to improve security in the country

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti The Guardians of Haitian National sovereignty can learn a lot from our neighbors, the Dominicans, in the way they use their military personnel. One way in particular I would like to share with you today. more »

Dominican immigration repatriates more than 7,000 Haitians in the single month

Dominican Soldiers - the Armed Forces of Dominican Republic have about 44,000 active-duty personnel and they have work to do compared to Haiti The Dominican Republic has been repatriating more and more Haitians lately. Last month alone, between September 1st and October 2nd 2021, Dominican authorities sent back home over 7,000 Haitians. more »

Pourquoi la Republique dominicaine avance-t-elle et Haiti non ? La reponse se trouve sur la premiere page d'un site Web d'entreprise dominicaine

The Dominican Republic - This is what happens when this political stability in a country - Haiti take notice Voulez-vous savoir pourquoi la République dominicaine progresse très vite et Haïti recule ? Vous trouverez cette réponse simple affichée sur la première page de l'une des zones de libre-échange les plus prospères de la République dominicaine. more »