New Online University For Students In Haiti, Thank you Bill Clinton!

Soon Haitian students in Haiti will have the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education thanks to the Clinton Global Initiative and University of the People, They made the announcement today...

President Bill Clinton and President Rene Preval on a Road Trip, Preval is driving
President Bill Clinton and President Rene Preval on a Road Trip, Preval is driving

The best part if it is...

The Haitians students selected will earn a degree for FREE... The University of The People, UoPeople is a tuition free online University designed to provide universal access to college studies, despite geographic and economic constraint

Here is the official press release:

to Democratize Higher Education in Haiti

PASADENA, Calif., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With the support of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), University of the People (UoPeople) today announced its commitment to provide access to higher education in Haiti. The tuition-free online institution will provide university-aged, Haitian students with the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education, allowing them to improve their own standard of living, as well as that of their families and communities.

Over a three year period, UoPeople will accept 250 qualified Haitian students to study online with their peers around the world, utilizing the institution's resources to earn an Associate's Degree in either Business Administration or Computer Science.

"This commitment is designed to elevate and empower the youth population in Haiti, many of whom currently reside in refugee camps and would not otherwise have the means to pursue higher education," said Shai Reshef, Founder & President, UoPeople. "By bringing educational resources and encouraging students to study in their home country, we are not only helping individual project participants, but providing them with the vital skill set to rebuild their country while also raising the standards for higher education within Haiti."

In partnership with the Haitian Connection Network and World Computer Exchange, UoPeople will establish learning centers in Port-au-Prince. The learning centers will be equipped with computers and high speed Internet connection to enable students to have access to UoPeople's online courses. UoPeople will ensure that a support staff is in place to facilitate the smooth operation of the learning centers.

"Haiti's higher education system was severely impacted by January's earthquake," added Reshef. "Twenty-eight of Haiti's 32 major universities were completely destroyed and the four remaining universities were severely damaged. UoPeople is helping to address a critical need and will arm the country with educated minds that will aid in rebuilding the country."

My Opinion...

I believe that this is a great start to give Haitian students in Haiti a shot at world class college education.


With an online University will require the need for faster Internet access in Haiti, something I desperately need!


Perhaps... Wishfull thinking... The State universities of Haiti will follow in this footstep and provide online course for the students living in the Haitian provinces


What do you think?

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All Comments (9)

Marcelin says...

We also know that nothing falls from the sky for free.
I do not want to be a kill joy. But I would like to know who is paying for this project?

and for how

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Guy Comeau says...

This is great.

I do think you Mr. Clinton.

We also know that nothing falls from the sky for

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Cairline says...

I love the initiative these two institutions are striving to establish in Haiti.

It will open a lot of doors for many intelligent pupils in Haiti that are often overlooked...

H.E.L.P ( co founder- Conor Bohan) is doing an awesome job providing an educational stepping stone for many pupils in rural and provinces in

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Yoly says...

WONDERFUL I pray more doors will be open in my Island Students take advantage of this and do your best!God

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Kent Fairfield says...

Inspired, creative idea. What and who will it take to offer it to 100 times more students?

Let's think of the next phase with the same innovation and

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Eric says...

Great idea - but how many students have access to computer and internet in Haiti - only the

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Jean Claude says...


This is not only beautiful but also POWER.

if Knowledge is power, than at least the Haitian Youths will now have access to empower not only themselves but also their family sold out the very last breath of their lives to help those young getting an education.They will not only be a form of transformation for those close to them but also the HOLE HAITI awaiting to see her children succeed.

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Jo Bolobosou says...

Nice! What's the detailed plan to keep the lights on and the computers

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