New Haitian Yellow Pages Online!

If you are looking for a great Haitian Business yellow pages online, checkout

Good Friday to you!

I know you haven't heard from me in a while but I have good news...

I just completed another project of mine and I believe that it will be of great help to the entire Haitian Community.

Introducing the new...

[b]The Haitian Yellow Pages
and Online Haitian Business Directory

If you have a Haitian Business or you provide a service to the Haitian Community, be sure to log in to and add your business name, address, phone and fax number for FREE

Let me tell you how it will help...

I just got to Florida and I have no idea where anything is...

I have to ask people

"Where is a there a Haitian Restaurant?"

"Where can I find a Haitian Barber Shop?"

These are probably one of few questions that you and your family and friends are asking constantly.

Well, all that is about to change.

I took the initiative to create this Haitian Business Directory so that each and everyone of you can find all the Haitian Businesses in your area.

We need them an they need us...

Go head, and add your business for FREE

If you know any businesses in your area, you can add them as well, this way you won't have to go crazy looking for their phone number again.

I will continue to improve until it becomes the best of its kind

I am devoted to helping the Haitian Community wich is why I try to create websites that are useful to the Haitian Businesses and any Haitian person with a computer.

Thanks for your support, and please tell your family and friends about

Grenadye, A Lasso!
Sak Pa Nan Paj La Zafe a YO!

Woodring Saint Preux
Fouye! Networks

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Mache Lakay says...

Shopping online is the best way to find bargains deal on the internet without having to leave your home or office; at you can find wide selection of products at discount

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Topic says...


This is awesome.

Keep up the great job! i certainly appreciate

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Topic says...

I am trying very hard to Fill a BIG Gap in the Haitian community.

The gap is...

The speed at which we get information.

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Topic says...

I that is a very good idea and it will be very helpful to all of us. Keep up the good

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