New Haitian Web Site -

Hi, This is Woodring Saint Preux

As I watched the news about Haiti yesterday,
something came to my mind.

I was flipping channels trying to find out what's going on
so I thought, what if regular Haitians could go to a website
and spread the news as it happens?

TeleDjol is a common word in Haitian Creole
and that's how news travels in Haiti

so I figured, why not create...

Why not have a Simple Haitian website where
Haitian people can fill out a simple form and
let other Haitians know about what's going on
in their communities.

Why not give you an opportunity to let others know
what you heard on the news, (Son Lari-a)

Why not let people know what the Haitian Artists are up to
That's why I created this new website

News for the Haitian People by the Haitian people

Go there now and "Bayo Son Lari..."

This is another invention of
Woodring Saint Preux and
FOUYE! Networks

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Topic says...

Mr. Saint Preux,

Je voudrais tout simplement vous feliciter pour cette idee geniale de creer un" site " logiciel pour tous les Haitiens et je vous remercie de tout

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Topic says...

Thanks for the information about not to shout.

Mezanmi about that all I can say is that "lapli tombe te-rin glise match renvouaye.

oui fout

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