New Haiti Agriculture Training Center With Dorm Rooms and Internet!

On May 1 2011, Haiti National Agriculture and Labor Day, a cutting-edge agricultural training center was inaugurated in Haiti with online video link that connects Haitian Farmers with U.S. Agriculture experts and agronomists at the University of Florida.

It is called "The Sustainable Rural Development Center"


Read the Official Press Release from USAID

New Agriculture Center To Train Thousands Of Haitian Farmers

The U.S. government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), kicked-off Haiti's National Agriculture and Labor Day on May 1 by inaugurating a cutting-edge agricultural training center.

The Sustainable Rural Development Center will help modernize Haiti's agricultural sector by training farmers to use innovative agriculture techniques that will increase crop yields and boost incomes. The five-hectare campus features a training center, warehouse, dormitory, three laboratories and a distance-learning facility.

The dormitory will allow farmers from across the country, including the northern region, to benefit from the resources physically located at the Center, and an online video link with the University of Florida will connect them to the expertise of U.S. agronomists.

Haitian farmers will learn how to analyze soil, identify pests and diagnose diseases that hamper crop production. They will also learn to use tools and techniques like drip irrigation and fertilizer briquettes that reduce costs and boost yields.

Agriculture is central to the Haitian economy, generating nearly 25 percent of gross domestic product and employing more than 60 percent of the population, but declining crop production has plagued Haiti for the past 50 years. The Government of Haiti identified agriculture as a key sector to create jobs and boost the economy. The U.S. government responded by designating agriculture as one of the four areas targeted for earthquake reconstruction along with health, governance and infrastructure.

Initially, public and private sector partners will manage the new center, including: USAID, the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, the National School of Agronomy, local farmer associations, and representatives from Haitian agribusinesses. In the next few years, the U.S. government will transfer full management responsibilities to Haitian institutions.

"Our support will help train thousands of farmers over the next few years," said USAID/Haiti Mission Director Carleene Dei. "Once the center is running smoothly, Haitian institutions will possess the knowledge and experience to manage the center without our assistance."

The Sustainable Rural Development Center is one of eight agricultural training centers built with U.S. government funding in Haiti. The facilities are part of President Obama's global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future, which is working to reduce global hunger and poverty by supporting country-led plans for agricultural development.


There has been many agricultural development programs in Haiti, do you believe that this one will really make a difference?

Do you believe that Haiti will ever be self sufficient when it comes to feeding its people?

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Doug Taylor says...

When you receive this contact information please pass it on to me at: DoTaylor at I am very interested in this project but don't see anyone that I can contact for more information.


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Jean-luc Giraud says...

Firstly it would be nice if the cell phone company could be nationalized or simplified by open source and not worry about building massive competative info-structure and hence allow full internet access to multiple modern agricultural technologies apart from just University of Florida.

There is another way of farming that is proving more sustainable that is yet to be appreciated by UF and I only hope UF will research this other way of farming to include it in solutions to soil management.

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Martine Civil says...

Dear Mr woodring may you please inform me where is the school located in haiti.and all of their corespondent E-mail address, phone #, fax #, and person in contact.

I will gratefully apreciate your effort in helping me thank you. my regards to

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Marlene Burcky says...

I am very grateful to the Us goverment, and congratulate a seconde time President Martelly for accepting help and advices from the USA.
As far as if Haiti will be self suffisient to feed the Haitians the head of the departement of agriculture, the haitians who will be in charge of this department might as always take the food out of the poor peoples mouths and give it to their families and friends.

I don, t trust any Haitian who will be in charge
Even president Martelly I like him as a person I don't know him but I love his music I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, but again if he is an honest man how can he control all the department of Haiti.

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Vintage says...

Thanks Ben for your comment and

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Rev. Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

Email received and the content is well noted.

Haiti has its own resource, so there is no reson the Country should be
having welfare problem.

Agriculture is
a good tool that we can use to fight the poverty, and the inflation..Therefore, I personally recommend Agriculture most highly.

Thank you! Rev. Calixte

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F.barthelemy says...

the usa is about to enter a time of famine it self so how will it help haiti,,why do we always have to depend on usa for everything,,they will deceive us once again as we soon will see,,what happen to our family in the south and central america or even africa,,by now we should have learned to stay away from the government of the u s of a,,,they are not in the favor of GOD..we soon will

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Ben says...

Would you foward this lead to the staff of the new President;foward that info to Mayard Paul, RORO NELSON, OLSON,SUPLICE, SIGNAL FM CARIBE FM, RADIO METROPOLE
Please post that info to the new President Face book twitter am sure someone will get back to you.
I do not c our new President riding a

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Vintage says...

Someone needs to contact John Deere and Catipillar who are having bonus years for donations of tractors and people to train them....I am sure it would be a write off and great advertising

I would love to see President Martelly on a tractor

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Ben says...

It is all great
It is ok to do all that. Agriculture in Haiti is still in the 1804 prtoduction style.

Yes we need

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