My Dominican Republic Summer Vacation

As I get ready for my trip to New York to spend the holidays with my family, I am already thinking about how cold it is up there.

I spent 3 of the last 6 months in the , let me tell you...

It does not snow in the ... This is what I was doing for 3 months!

This past summer I came up with a genius idea...

It was time to take my kids, Woodring and Woodring, on vacation. I figured if I went to Haiti, I would be on Vacation and they would not since they spent the whole year in Haiti.

I also realized that if I bring them here in the United States, They would be on Vacation and I would not.

So I figured... Why not take them... and me... to a place we've never been before?

Why not take them to Santo Domingo?

So I did...

So I spent 3 months of my life doing this...

Let me tell you, mixed with coconut juice is really good. but if you want to drink some Brugal extra viejo, you may have to go to the Dominican Republic because they do not sell it in the U.S., I already checked.


As I embark on my mission to freeze my SSS to death for the love of my family, I have some great memories that will melt the snow right out of my mind...

I am not trying to make you jealous, I am just trying to tell you to...

Have a little fun in life...

Happy Holidays

Woodring Saint Preux

PS... Visit my , it will warm you up!

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