True or False: Many Haitians want government jobs but most only want the gov paycheck

Virtually every Haitian you speak to who spent two minutes campaigning for a Senator or Depute want a job in ONA, OAVCT or other government agencies. Most of them are only interested in the paycheck.

In Haiti there are so many Things that make you go Hmmm...

How many times do you walk into a government office in Haiti and you notice clearly that it is overcrowded with employees and yet you are not getting any service?

What about the Haitian government employee sitting on the desk who give you that look like you are here to disturb her doing-nothing-ness.

A friend of mine who was a high ranking official in Haiti once told me he needs less than half the staff to really get his institution in good working order.

Basically, he would have to fire half the staff and use that money to increase the salary of those who are really qualified and willing to get the job. But to do that, he said, he would raise a total riot against the sitting president of Haiti at that time, because "there is a lot of politics going on here," he said.

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La Folie En Haiti says...

Pratiquement tous les Haïtiens à qui vous parlez qui ont passé deux minutes à faire campagne pour un sénateur ou un député veulent un emploi à l'ONA, à l'OAVCT ou dans d'autres agences gouvernementales.

La plupart d'entre eux ne s'intéressent qu'au chèque de paie.

Combien de fois passez-vous dans un bureau du gouvernement en Haïti et vous remarquez clairement que ce dernier est surchargé en employés et que vous ne recevez aucun service?

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Subject: True or False: Many Haitians want government jobs but most only want the gov paycheck edit

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