Miss Haiti Is Not Miss Universe 2010 but It's All Good

did not make it as one of the finalists in the Miss Universe 2010 beauty competition last night but she did bring some attention to Haiti the past few weeks.

Sarodj Bertin, Miss Haiti At Miss Universe 2010 Beauty Pageant Glamshot

Believe me, attention on Haiti is good for us...

Considering that the only time the world talks about Haiti is to remind everyone of how poor the country is, it's good to get free the publicity on the "beauty" side.

All criticism aside, the young lady represented her country very well... My opinion...

Also read:

Between the competion and , Haiti has been in the news almost every day the past few days.

made headlines criticizing and she has a good reason too... After all, her father was also one of the candidates running for president.

It's only fair... Ca s'appelle "La Politique!" Get used to it!

Besides... She made good use of the black ink on some major newspapers with that comment...

Trust me, I would not be talking about Wyclef neither if was running for president.

Since I will never be able to put on a bikini and stroll on the world stage, and I do mean NEVER, there's only one thing left to say.

Congratulations, Sarodj Cherie, we're proud of you.

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Oxceva says...

I fell sad and sorry for Haiti's hope by her. Thank you miss Sarodj for all effort you made in order to bring Haiti's attention to the world.

Please don't give up. Haiti renmen'w epi gen espwa sou

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