Merry Christmas 2014, What Did Santa Bring You This Year?

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and I really hope that Santa Claus brought you something merry this year. What exactly did you want for Christmas? Did you get it?

Christmas in Haiti

You may be looking your present under the Christmas tree but sometimes that's not where your Christmas present is...

Sometimes what you looking for is not under the Christmas tree... Sometimes you already received your Christmas present and you are upset because it did not come wrapped in a gift box...

Take me for example...

There is NOTHING that I want this Christmas that anyone can gift-wrap and place under a tree for me. So I know not to look for it there...

Merry Christmas...

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Bonito says...

All I want and wish for us this Holiday Season is for us Haitians to fianally come together to buy into this experiment known as self-detetmination we have embarked on for last 211 years and to realize we are, can and should be in this together, and from that we can make a

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Coeurlange Romain says...

I would like to wish you and your staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Santa did not bring me nothing but heartache.

Thanks for

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Jacques Edouard says...

i have jesus and a good health + respect for others wish u the

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Gableneus says...

Merry Christmas to you too my brother I don't get anythin under the three and I wi the same to you and your

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