Maradona Criticises FIFA over Money Haiti had to pay for World Cup 2014 Broadcasting Rights

Retired Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona criticised the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) for charging Haiti $2 million for the rights to broadcast the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil to the Haitian people...

"They (FIFA) charged Haiti 2 million tp transmit the World Cup event to Haiti, a devastated country," Maradona said in an interview Saturday.

Also visit: Haiti Football Blog for the latest news in Haitian Creole about the FIFA World Cup in Brazil as it happens...

President Martelly and his government had to dish out this $2 million U.S. if Haitians were to see the World Cup happening in Brazil.

According to news reports, FIFA will generate about 4 BILLION dollars from this World Cup, 60% of which will come from broadcasting rights.

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Diogene Petion says...

Fifa is a business organization.

Its goal is to make money.

It sold its products to whoever that could afford to pay the.
Maradona spoke as a sentimental person not like a

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Shampoo says...

I dont even watch the world cup the fifa and their owner are suck some a**hole and they will die soon and their wives will f**k some other dudes every

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Alan says...

We have to pay to something.

It is ashame as Haitian, After more than 200 yrs of independence we are asking for every thing.

Haitians have grow older not wiser.

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Remy Gallant says...

What did you expected from FIFA! A mafia organization with no respect for human dignity.

All they care about is making money and the bell with poor people.

Look at what's going on with the Haitian federation! Same

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Ziggy Zigg says...

What are you talking about?

Are you for real?

or you just don"t understand what Diego said?

L I atik lan bien ' si ou pa koprann li made explkasyon, cause you sounded very

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Regina says...

Bfor u act up make sure u read wat is said really well so u dnt look or sound

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Roger Barthelemy says...

What fifa did to haiti, this nothing new .The always pretend they helped haiti, but when they give something with right hand they took it again with the left

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Wad says...

That's sorry!for a poor a country like Haiti.

FIFA should build some stadiums in Haiti with some of those billions they are going to make from the World Cup. Return those $2 millions back to Haiti, go

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2cbeatz says...

ok!maradona, yo

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Ingrid says...

That s disgusting !! Maradona is absolutely

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