Louis Farrakhan In Haiti for a 5-day Visit

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan is in Haiti; he wants to learn more about Voodoo... Believe it or not...


Ni Oprah, Ni Farrakhan in Haiti at the same time???

According to the Associated Press, Farrakhan said:

"I have longed throughout my life to set my foot in the sacred soil of Haiti"

That sounds a lot better than that other idiot minister who made comments about Haiti and the devil... What was his name again?

Farrakhan was greeted at the airport by Haitian Foreign Minister Laurent Lamorthe, he is expected to meet later in the week with President Michel Martelly, AP says.

Farrakhan said he is in Haiti to explore how his organization can help Haiti rebuild, to listen, learn and share, particularly to learn more about Voodoo...

How do you like that?

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Msvirgile says...

She cannot be brought or sold with misconduct, ill intentions and false hope...She is a woman of strength and has endure more than what any books, religious advocate, even her people can relay in words...

Her sacredness and unspoken power is what has deemed her very capable of protecting her soils...

We focusing on the conversion of religion instead of repairing the souls of the people...the miseducated, broken in spirit, hopeless...these people do not need just faith...some productive counseling...education...finding and knowing themselves is what is pertinent right now...establishing jobs, creating artistic and recreational outlets for the youth, safe haven centers for the battered and raped victims...Haiti has so much

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Keith Muhammad says...

First of all Louis Farrakhan's intentions are always good. second of all the religion of islam is a religion of peace, all religions have people that do things other than what that religion is about including christianity! You can not find anything in louis farrakhans history where he has harmed anyone.

If you call speaking the truth doing harm than thats for you to work out. It seems that you need to be concerned about why the United States government and other governments has not responded in a timely manner to the needs in

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Josy says...

C'est le ton qui fait la chanson! Did you read my opinion?

I noticed you read his, but not mine and he crossed the line. He called me names, because he disagree with me and again I am a lady. I am not a dude, and I was trained to call people Mr. or Ms. I am old school, and a baby boomer.

I am not genaration X, and you are applauding him for his bad manners.

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Nadine Beauzile says...

well its good, i like this guy i am not into politics but the men is ok to me, the brother tell you i he feels what is wrong with that?

haitian people should follow him in in respect, work together aspect black men vs black men not fighting get alone with people.

haitian people does't have it yet'' look the new president is trying to put the country together but

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Adrien Alpendre says...

As a Christian believer (born in France) who has had the misfortune to live in the U.S. of A.for some years, I have to express my solidarity with Doctor Louis Farrakhan.

US Christian fundamentalism is a distortion of true Christianity that pretends to bar the gates of heaven to all those that do not agree with their narrow minded approach to the Bible...and this includes not only those that adhere to other creeds, but Christians of different persuasions such as Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and Seventh Day Adventists.

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Mizeliah says...



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Garry says...

I may have crossed the line by saying little negroes.

Therefore sorry.

When it comes to anger, you are an angry person.

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Josy says...

OK, and I respect your opinion.

Why are you so angry?

I could not be, because I gave my opinion on a subject and you apparently have some extremely serious anger issues.

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Lena says...

i am with u brother nothing 4 free i am tinking the same just now he wants to know about vodoo rigth now haiti available i wish and i have hope haiti will comeback the same perl of the

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Bernadette says...

I hope he has good intentions.

If Farrakhan is in Haiti to help in a non-religious fashioned, I am all for it. Farrakhan has a past history with Malcom-X, Martin Luther King and the likes that leaves a lot to be desired...

Religion is not on my top ten list but I can see the psychological damages a religion like Islam can do to Haiti...Farrakhan is a politician first and a man of cloth second.

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