PM Laurent Lamothe Files A Lawsuit Against Newspaper Haiti-Observateur

Haitian Pime Minister Laurent Lamothe has just filed a lawsuit against Haitian Newspaper Haiti-Observateur for defamation.

The newspaper is accused of publishing lies about the involvement of Laurent Lamothe and South Florida businessman Patrice Baker in the sale of Haitian cell phone company Haitel.

According to the lawsuit, The Associated Press says, Haiti-Observateur falsely and maliciously reported that Lamothe and Baker orchestrated Haitel's sale, and that Lamothe fixed Haitel's $25 million sale price and stands to receive the "lion's share" of the proceeds.

"The newspaper spread false information about the prime minister," Salim Succar, special adviser to Lamothe, says to the Accociated press," and we are taking legal measures to request that they be retracted or appropriate remedy is given."

The lawsuit also says that the Haiti-Observateur articles implicate Lamothe and Baker in illegal business practices, racketeering, corruption and conspiracy, which has damaged their reputations in their political and business communities, according to AP.

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Patrick Princivil says...

If we pull out all the record people of Haiti have done from 1957-2011; this will crash our brains, the funy thing Presidents of US, Prime ministers of Canada etc. squeeze the nations to have a better countries, they work so hard to help the nation to eat. But in black people's country is different, they suck their own nation's blood, to have moneyj parents and parents wtill never finish to eat, the funny thing their money stock in other people's country, this is silly.

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Patrick Princivil says...

I don't really care about what people in the Parliament of Haiti have done. All I want to see for Haiti is to have a clean country like 1804-1956.

We don't know how many people's head Presidents, Pope, people in the parliaments, Freemason, loup-garoup false prophets etc have to give to Satan a day, because they hide it. If I hear President Martelly have billions and billions of dollars in Haiti, I will not even think he steal it. Because we can see he is not selfish, he is willing to participate in all kind of activities in

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Patrick Princivil says...


be smart, anybody who don't serve the Lord God in heaven will follow Satan.

That doesn't mean I accuse anybody, I am not God. I believe President Martelly is the best President to develop Haiti for now, maybe the next President will be a real Chritian like King David, Salomon, Queen Esther, Smuel, Moses, Smuel, Joseph etc. even thou that, they was not perfect.

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Josy says...

It is about time, and Haitian media does not believe in libel.

You cannot just write negative remarks about people in your newspapers, or slender them on the radio and they have been getting away with false accusations for years.

You must have proof to back up your stories, and you cannot just destroy people to sell papers.

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Bernadette says...

Yes it is somewhat true:"pa gin lafumin san du feu".

But by the same token strong accusations without non-circumstantial evidence can stripped the shirt off of one's back. Understandably, newspapers are always looking for outrageous and sensational stories.

It is good business for them. Let us supposed they make five Million dollars selling stories false or true. They get sued for two-three Million, they still make a profit of two-three Million, give or

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Mm says...

L'horreur se poursuit...le vol et la vente de tout ce qui

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