Jobs in Haiti: Factories Vs. Agriculture

Question: With so many people looking for jobs, which do you believe create more jobs, Factories or Agriculture?

Agriculture in Haiti, Very Primitive

What type of job do you think the average Haitian in Haiti is looking for? A factory job? or a job in Agriculture?

Can there really be EMPLOYMENT in the 'de-moitie' agriculture system in Haiti?

As far as bringing jobs to Haiti, what is the AVERAGE Haitian qualified for besides something ultra simple that he can do with his hands?

I am not talking about the 25 people with a college education in Haiti, I am talking about the average joe who sits on the side of the street trying to sell 25 lemons for a profit to feed the family...

Say the government is trying to create jobs for an average street vendor in Haiti, what type of jobs must the government create?

I am asking because...

a) The intellectual Haitian man seems to think that factory jobs in Haiti are slavery jobs... They are... and by the way, so is living paycheck to paycheck as a copier technician in South Florida... I was $18,000 in debt before I knew I was POOR... Yes I made more money, but at the end of the week, I was as broke as the little factory worker in any third world country.

b) The intellectual Haitian man seems to think that investing in Agriculture in Haiti can create more jobs... I agree but... What kind of investment are they talking about. What is the plan? Is the government going to create big 500 acre farms with big tractors, planters, harvesters, irrigation system, etc...? Will some BIG TIME Haitian farmer be planting a lot of crop that will require thousands of workers to hand pic the produce for a daily wage??? Or are they talking about giving the average farmer in Haiti a better "HOE" or a better 'MACHETE' so that he can continue to survive by bringing the little bit of crop he makes to the edge of the Route Nationale so the people in Port-au-Prince can eat???

Take another look at the picture and tell me... Can this type of agricultural practice create jobs in Haiti???

Agriculture in Haiti, Very Primitive

Some intellectuals in Haiti talk about everything that is unfair to the average Haitian man but the reality is, they have never touched the hand of a poor man in Haiti.

You, Mr intellectual, you are THINKING about what is right for the average Haitian... The average Haitian man meanwhile is in NEED of his daily bread... He needs a JOB...

Give him a job... and AFTER he is employed, you can go back to THINKING about what is right...

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Pat J Louis says...

First off, factory jobs as they are now in Haiti, and in most parts of the world are terrible, but nothing close to slavery.

The fact is that I cannot tell you which is worse off, as I haven't worked as either.

However, in the scale of a countries' evolution into an industrialized nation, factory jobs are the logical next step. What must be done to better serve the "average Jean" or average Haitian is greater investment in education, particularly trade and technical institutions as well as elementary education, and public works such as roads and general infrastructure maintenance.

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