Infrastructure: Dominican Republic among the Leaders, Haiti Sucks Big Time!

The Dominican Republic has the third best transport infrastructure in Latin America, Haiti has the worst, according to the latest Latin America Transport Infrastructure Ranking from Latinvex, an online publication specializing in business in Latin America. Haiti ranks at the bottom of the ladder as the country with the worst qualities of ports, roads and air transport in the region... As far as SPEED in shipping containers in and out of Haiti... Haiti really sucks...

Haiti Open For Business

Don't get me wrong... Haiti did win a prize... But not the kind of prize that we can brag about...

Haiti won the prize for the number of STEPS you have to take and the number of DOCUMENTS you have to sign in order to import shipping containers into the country.

Haiti ranks third among the countries requiring the MOST documents in order to export containers...

Haiti wins second place in the list of countries that take the most days to import and export containers.

As far as logistics, Haiti is the slowest country in Latin America in terms of monitoring , customs, capacity and ease of finding prices...

Obviously, some people need to stop bitching and get to work... Don't you think so?

Have you ever shipped anything to Haiti? What has your experience been like relative to what is written here?

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Ricart says...

"Infrastructure: Dominican Republic Among The Leaders, Haiti Sucks Big Time!"

Ok, so you have a problem.

What are you going to do to fix it?

Perhaps Haitians should ask Martelli to do something about this problem, instead of trying to remove him from power.

Haiti should stop comparing itself to the Dominican Republic and concentrate on addressing its

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mwen pito prend Prezidan Martelly ak double nationalité mille et mille foi que senatè volè yo, unité, parti lavalas, mété yo deyors nan palais ah, moun sa yo alèze nan fatra, la boue, poupou, chien mouri, moun mouri nan trou rego, ki pat levé yo pou jistan sé Martelly ki vin décomblé tintin ki té la depuis 1957-2011, yo grandi la dan yo, sa pa di yo anyin, mèsi papa Bondyé ki té permettre prézidan passé nan grand pays propre kap util pays d'Haïti counyé ah, mwen pa ta souhaité pou malpropre ta vin jetté Prezidan Martelly

vive Prezidan Martelly ak Lamorthe pour dix ans pou yo fixé pays a correctement.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Why the senators, Lavalas's party, tonton makoute's party, free-mason and unite don't fix it?

Get manman yo,

vive Prezidan Martelly-Lamorthe pour dix

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Olguine On Facebook says...


I went through hell last year to get my container out...

so many paper works and fees that I had to pay. I will never do it

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Sergo says...

I agree with your comment.

We have so many things to prioritize, do you think this one is the most important item on the

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