In Haiti, Begging has a new professional touch - Shocking the way people ask you for money

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In Haiti, Begging has a new Professional touch... True story -- One late afternoon, a man was passing by on motorcycle in the small Haitian city where I live, he pulled over next to me and asked me: "Pardon me, Sir, you don't know me but I need your help. I have an emergency and I need get somewhere in a hurry, can you by any chance give me 2 gallons of gasoline?"

KREYOL: Haiti - La mendicité vini tounen yon proffession nan peyi a... Neg la parèt sou motocyclette li, byen bòzò, epi li mande fè-l kado 2 galon gazolinn... Ki koze sa? Kisa ou panse de bagay saa?

Two gallons of gasoline? What the???

That man whom I didn't know just asked me to give him $430 gourdes (215 per gallon)... That's a lot considering that the average beggar only ask for $5 gourdes...

I was nowhere near a gas station. Was he really expecting me to give him a $500 gourde bill and send him on his way?

Here is the funniest part of the story... When I got home, I told a friend of mine what happened. Not surprised, he describe the man to me and told me the make, model and color of the motorcycle. He then told me that man was a professional beggar and that's how he makes his living, asking people for gas money...

That's when I realized someone came to me about a week earlier to ask me for gas money for his car because his daughter had some kind of emergency and he needed to take her out of town....

Have you had any similar experience in Haiti?

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Natasha Ducasse No one is criticizing anyone here, he is right, how do you walk up to someone you dont even know and ask for money, its' very unconfortable it puts... see more
Reply · April 14 at 11:20 AM
Natasha Ducasse Begging in haiti has become a way of living in haiti,wether by phone, letters or in person. I am not shocked to hear your story at all. I myself... see more
Reply · April 14 at 11:09 AM
Patrick Princivil My friend, I have to tell you the truth, when you find somebody in any conditions like that don't criticize this person a motorcycle mean nothing if... see more
Reply · April 07 at 2:06 AM
Georges I know a professional beggar personally. He goes to mass everyday at Saint Pierre, Petion-Ville, he is related and wears a well known Haitian family... see more
Reply · April 06 at 10:57 PM
John Once had a guy that begs for a living ask me if I was going to give him a Christmas bonus.
Reply · April 06 at 9:04 PM

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Subject: In Haiti, Begging has a new professional touch - Shocking the way people ask you for money edit

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