US Visa Fees : Haitian woman says she will go renew her US Visa when she has money to waste

A young Haitian woman whose U.S. Visa expired more than a year ago refuses to go the Embassy to renew. She says she will only go renew her U.S. visa when she has money to waste.

En Haiti, Yon VISA Americain se GWO Koze...

"160 dollars US is almost 11,000 Haitian gourdes, she said, why would I spend all that money only to have a foreigner tell me 'NO' you can't go to my country anymore?"

The young lady who got a 3 months visa as part of a group to go to a convention went the the United States and came back to Haiti.

She has been reluctant to return to the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince since because the same person who helped her get the visa told her if she goes back to the embassy too soon to try to renew that visa, she would get a 'REFU', a visa refusal.

The young lady who is currently in the process of building her own house says "I can buy many bags of cement (sac ciment) and rebars (fer forgé) with 11,000 gourdes to continue building my house, I would hate see that money gone out of my hands with a simple 'NON madame, ou pa qualifier!', the typical response of a US Consul to hundreds of Haitians interviewed for a US visa everyday."

What advice would you give to this young woman?

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Irmone says...

I think she is right if she doesn't intend to live in the US keep her money to built her house.

And if she changes her mind later then she can burn that money by trying to renew the visa. God has a plan for her, the US is not for everyone.

May God Bless

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F Etienne says...

She wise no life for illegal immigrant

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Subject: US Visa Fees : Haitian woman says she will go renew her US Visa when she has money to waste edit

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