TPS for Haitians is Ending on 22 July 2019

That's it folks... 18 more months, after that, No more TPS for Haitians... The Trump administration told 59,000 Haitians living in the United States with Temporary Protected Status they have until July 22, 2019 to go home or find another legal way to stay in the US.

TPS For Haitians

The announcement came on Monday night, officials from the Department of Homeland Security said that President Donald Trump and his government will stop allowing Haitian nationals to get Temporary Protected Status.

TPS is an immigration program that allowed Haitians and nationals from certain other countries living in the US to stay and work here while their home countries recover from a disaster.

Haitians were under Temporary protestion in the US after ta major earthquake hit the Haiti back in 2010, an earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people and displaces over 1 million.

"The extraordinary temporary conditions that served as the initial basis for Haiti's TPS designation have sufficiently improved, so that they no longer prevent Haitian nationals from returning safety." a senior official of the US Department of Homeland Security said.

So that's it my Haitians brothers and sisters, you have 18 months to find an alternative way to stay in the United States legally or start packing.

What so you think about that?

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Jean Wow!!! Look up Haiti's contribution in US wars. Maybe you'll learn something!
Reply · March 12 at 10:54 AM
John send they ass home cant stay here forever you new that before yall came
Reply · March 10 at 8:59 PM
Eunice Tassone This latest decision continues to reflect the heartlessness of the Trump administration. % He is incapable of putting himself in the circumstances... see more
Reply · November 21 at 6:01 PM
Tps For Haitians 18 mois de TPS supplémentaires pour les Haitiens puis c'est fini... L'administration Trump a dit à 59 000 Haïtiens vivant aux... see more
Reply · November 21 at 6:08 AM

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