Haitian Restaurant owner says: If I make the food healtier customers will NOT buy It!

A Haitian restaurant owner in the Miami area told me whenever he tries to make his food healthier, his Haitian customers complain. He he persists, he looses his customers.

When I try try to put less oil in the 'dire kole' my clientele complains, the resaurant owner said.

They say "O... O... E pa wap banm manje dire domi!" (why are you serving me leftover rice?)

The majority of the Haitian people are not health conscious. We eat a lot of greasy food.

Nou mete lwil nan tout bagay! (we cook everything oil in it)

Epi lè KOLESTEROL nou monte nou sèmante se lougarou k-ap manje nou. (and when our cholesterol level jumps to high, we blame the bogeyman)

I am not trying to blame you, I am guilty too! I know that carrots and celery is good for me but... Danm... That 'griot' is calling me man...

Do you agree with the Haitian restaurant owner?

Is it true that without the "LWIL" (oil) and the "EPIS" (spices) there is no Haitian food?

Ou konnen, fok viann la pran koulè... Haitians put plenty of oil in the meats they cook and they cook it so it looks nice and colorful)

What do you think about that?

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Jueles says...

so your going to shut down another cultural restaurant because they arent following american terms?

Alot of different ppl eat in alot of different ways. maybe haitian ppl can handle more then the average american

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Jueles says...

i believe they would still buy it just depends on how they make it and whos making it. my mom finds ways to put less salt and oil in her haitian food becasue 25 years of not doing so gave my dad high cholesterol and high blood pressure my mom had to find ways to alter her recipes to make the food healthy and tastey at the same time. What every this restaurant owner is doing he is doing it wrong

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Mackson says...

map di ou yon bagay, yon le mwen gen yon zanmi surinamyen ki vi n fe 2 jou ave m lakay mwen premye jou a mwen kwit yon diri kole ak pwa kango, mwen prepare tout afe m epis mwen tout bagay piman season mwen prepare diri a epi bon chans pou mwen diri a te byen gou men tout le map prepare a misye la lap swiv le mwen fini mwen fe misye al sou recho a servi tet li misye ale vre li sevis tet li men li pa pran anpil, mwen di misye that's all you can eat?

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Sonny Seraphin says...


It's quite interesting that you would ask this question since I am just about to call the attention of my internaute friends on many forums that "January is National Lose Weight, Feel Great Month"

That is precicely to address the worries of that very honest restaurant owner.

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Gerdy says...

ayisyen tankou-m yo se gou dwol nou kap touye-n.mwen konin gen ayisyen ki pran konsians ki manje "healthy".

min ampil nan nou rete ak mem system nan. nou mange ampil carbohydrate.

si pa gen diri pa gen mange.pain anmem pa bezwen pale deli. genyen ki mange fey, gin lot ki di si ou oue ou bagay grenn lakay mwen kon se limon(mold) paske moun lakay mwen pap

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Josy says...

We can substitute the same items for healthier versions, and we did it in Haiti.

We can use olive oil instead of grease, or cheap oil and remove the fat from the meat before cooking it. We can also use smart balance instead of butter (the yellow one), and season our meals with fresh spices.

I personally cannot stand brown rice, and the restaurants use the cheapest rice. The rice, and beans will come out better if they used Jasmine or Basmanti rice. We can use fresh fruit, and honey in our drinks.

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Garry Destin says...

le mwin fe legume oubien poule, mwin pa mete l'wil. Le mwin fe duri blanc ou cole, m' mete ou ticras l'wil avec ou ti

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Sergo Jean says...

I disagree with him, rezon paske nou gen meye manje sou planet tersa.tout bagay nou pran pou fe preparasyon manje ya, yo naturel e san produit chimic.mwen swete li pa mete aksan nan manje anco e mwen panse se pa lwil ki fe manje hayisyen gou se yon bagay tou naturel epi se yon don. devan mounn cap malad nou gen tretman naturel e ot.mwen swete li repanse pou restoran le lap fe bagay la bien san fe cout maltaye pou clian yo ka tounen vin manje anko.Nou conn di mounn fe maji pou craze biznis non ou bien nou pale de lougarou se pa vre se nan tet ou bagay la ye e li fe ou tombe panse mal e le ou panse mal wap fe tout sa ou genyen mal epi wap comanse critike lot epi se tet ou wap critike epi craze.

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Nancy says...

Haitian are good and all but I think if the FDA take a visit to some Haitian restaurant they will close them down because they are not following the food pyramid for healthy

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Bernadette says...

Yes, as a matter of fact it was mandated by law that McDonald and KFC not to use polyunsaturated fat oil. The same type of oil that we are cooking with now. Yes, I can't do without my diri kole but I cook with virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Fat gives taste to food that is why we can't part with it. We just have to find healthier fat such as unsaturated

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