Hurricane Irma: Florida Declare a State of Emergency, Haiti is in BIG Trouble

Hurricane Irma : Haiti Forecast Update : IRMA will Hit Haiti hard
Bad news for Haiti... Hurricane Irma has already strengthened into a Category 4 storm Monday afternoon. Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency. Things are not looking good for Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

In Haiti, the heavy rains along can do too much damage. If Irma keeps is path and intensity, we are definitely in trouble.

What scares me more is that people in Haiti seems to be going about their business not even aware that a big one is coming.

Irma is supposed to get stronger when it hits the Caribbean. She is already being predicted to be the biggest hurricane to hit South Florida since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

A National Hurricane Center advisory released late Monday reads:

"Dangerous hurricane Irma heading toward the Leeward Islands. Preparations within the warning area should be rushed to

People in Haiti should take that advice and make sure preparations is rushed to completion.

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