How to Live Forever - Eternal Life on Earth

There is a very simple way to have eternal life right here on earth. This is not about heaven and hell. This is not about dying and going to heaven.

If you want to live forever, then you have to build something to serve your community or your country.

You have to create something that others can use; something others can learn from decades and centuries after you die.

You have to leave a record behind, something in writing telling others what you have accomplished, all the mistakes you made in your lifetime, and how they can avoid making those same mistakes.

You have to prepare the next generation so they can avoid your mistakes and cultivate your accomplishments.

Once you achieve that, you will continue to live through your creation, your invention, your accomplishments. You will continue to live through the minds of future generations.

The more people you benefit, the longer you will continue to live.

There is one more thing worth mentioning that is even more important.

Never attempt to re-invent the wheel.

If someone before you created or accomplished something great, you can certainly achieve eternal life trough that same creation/accomplishment simply by dedicating yourself to become its guardian, to maintain it, and to constantly strive to improve it.

Toussaint Louverture is still alive today because he manufactured freedom for an entire nation. As long as mankind continues to exist, he will always be remembered as the manufacturer.

That's eternal life!

Unfortunately, you and me, we are running all over the world trying to re-invent our freedom instead of putting our heads together to maintain and improve what he already created.

Eternal life is very easy but in order to achieve it you have to change your wants, you have to "want" for you and for others.

No selfish man can every live eternally.

In order to achieve it, you have to go deep inside your mind and condition yourself to be satisfied even if no one is clapping.

You have to realize that when everyone is clapping, it only means that they approve what you did; it does not necessarily mean that what you did was good.

We all go through life one way or another.

We all eat, drink, sleep, and do what we have to do to survive.

We all pay our bills or at least we try to.

We all become adults at one point, we have husbands, wives, kids, and we do what we must do everyday to put food on the table.

You know something... that's not enough!

Everything I mentioned above, just minimum requirements for survival and evolution.

If all your accomplishments stay within the four walls of your house then you didn't achieve anything at all; nothing that is meaningful to us as a whole and nothing worthy of eternal life on earth.

If you want eternal life on earth, you have to give a little, you have to love a little, you have to care a little, you have to contribute a little, you have to extend your responsibilities a little, you have to mind other people's business a little, you have to feel their pain a little, you have to believe in yourself a little, you have to believe in others a little.

Find your purpose in life.

Always do the right thing.

Your grand kids are counting on you.

Remember, if your great grand children can hear your name from a stranger's mouth, that may just be the beginning of eternal life.

It's your decision.


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