How much faith do you have in the Haitian news media?

The Haitian media is preparing for WAR... It seems... There are a number of popular Haitian news and media organizations in Haiti that are exaggerating the news. They seem so negative these days. Some of them are so ANTI-Somebody that they broadcast ONE-Sided news.

TELEDJOL - The Grapevine Adding More Chaos To Haiti

How much faith do you have in the Haitian news media?

News is interesting when it is double-sided... Getting both side of the story. Isn't it what news reporting is about?

I also feel that it is important for the media not to instigate things, especially when dealing nation of people who are just waiting for a trigger to explode... Don't you agree?

There us a news website for a popular radio station in Haiti that I used to visit most of the time to get credible news to share with you but, lately, I've opted not to go that web site simply because the articles get on my nerves.

They make me feel like the sky is falling over Haiti.

Almost everything on that web site is INFLATTED lately... the headlines are outrageous... They write like there is a war going on and they have chosen a side... I truly feel that they are playing with people's emotions...

Tout bon wi... Kek fwa ou li tit article selman la epi ou gentan enerve!

Sometimes I feel that some Haitian news media organizations are at war with somebody and they are not ashamed to display it...

Sometimes I ask myself, do Haitians absorb these types of news of do they question them?

How much faith do you have in the Haitian news media?

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Gerard says...

Excelent approach.

Hope the newspaper's staff and directors read this note. We wish and hope they act on

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Gerard says...

Not much. I know it is difficult for them where the primum vivere is of paramount importance but they could offset the damages by publishing some positive ideas and opinions of other citizens and stop being one sided.

It is not good for the

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Jiji Jean says...

Ap gin faith nan media a le nou gin mounn serie kap dirije peyia.

Le nou pa gin Prezidan mante diole skalade vole

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Solanges Laurent says...

Nooooo, faith in the haitian

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