Haitians, Why BRAG about it if you Do NOT intend to SHARE it?

My fellow Haitians... Why do you brag about what you have in abundance if you do not intend to share it with the people you are bragging to? Let me tell you a story that happened only a few days ago...
Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

KREYOL: Haitien ann pale... Gen yon seri de Haitien ki gen sa pou DEFO menm, y ap fè djòlè pou yo bagay yo genyen an abondans, epi yo pap bay ladan l... Poukisa w fè lòt la sa? Fèmenm bouch ou lè w konnen ou pap bay ladan l... Sa lòt la bezwen konnen ou genyen l fè? Kisa ou panse de sa???

A man who works for a Senator came back to his hometown bragging about the all these things he received for free from a candidate for president who dropped by to see the senator...

OK... I'm not gonna tell you what it is but it's yellow and you can eat it... LOL...

"I got a pile of it in my house," the man said, "and their so delicious."

The other man he was talking to said "give me some!"

By the end of the day, these two men ended up arguing simply because Mr. Brag-a-lot didn't want to share what he got for free...

My question is: Why the hell did he brag about it to the other friend to begin with?

Afe w gou nan bouch ou, manje afe w, sa w bezwen mache di sa? Fe djole...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haitians, Why BRAG about it if you Do NOT intend to SHARE it? edit

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