Haitians lack respect for small business men and women who provide the services they need everyday

Many times, we Haitians, we lack respect for those who make sacrifices every day to make our lives more comfortable. We have NO respect for the small business men and women in Haiti. We belittle what they do for us everyday...

Haiti Street Vendors - Machan Mayi Boukannen

Take for example a "Ti Machann" selling "Mayi Boukannen" (baked corn on the cob) in the streets of Haiti. She sits on a little chair in front of a hot "Recho" (grill) every day. She will stick her fingers into the fire back and forth to make sure the corn is well baked (Bien boukannen).

After all this sacrifice, she turns around sells you a delicious "mayi boukannen" for 5 gourdes, maybe 10 gourdes.

Of course, you despise her. You look at her like she's not even human, she doesn't count.

You value the money but you do not value the service or the service provider.

When you learn to appreciate someone less fortunate than you, you'll see, people you would not think will begin to appreciate you.

What do you think about that?

Respect to all small business owners in Haiti!

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Frednel says...

I can not agree

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Myrline says...

Sa w di a te ka bon wi men machann haitien si telman maledve yo fe mounn

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Haiti Business says...

Kèk fwa nou menm Haitiens, nou manke respè pou moun ki fè sakrifis chak jou pou rann lavi nou pi konfotab.

Pran ekzanp yon machann mayi boukannen ki chita sou you ti chèz devan yon boukan dife chak jou. L ap foure dwèt li nan dife a vire tounen pou li byen boukennen mayi a pou.

Apre tou sakrifis sa a, li vann ou yon mayi boukannen a pou 5 goud oswa 10 goud.

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Subject: Haitians lack respect for small business men and women who provide the services they need everyday edit

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