Haitians in the diaspora are paranoid over everything what is happening in Haiti

Have you noticed that Haitians in the diaspora are paranoid over everything that is happening in Haiti while they seem to pay no attention to all the crimes being reported in the Disapora city they live in?

I have decided to come spend some time with my family in New York and I noticed something very interesting.

Ever since I arrived, my father keeps talking about how terrible Haiti is. News of crime is all you hear about in the news coming from, he said.

He talked so much in my head, I love you Dad, that he was giving me a headache.

Here's the funny thing. While my father was telling me at the dinner table how bad Haiti is because every so often someone gets kidnapped or someone gets murdered, on the television set in his own living room in New York, I was watching local news about people who got shot somewhere in New York. Next in the news was a man who walked into a store and shot somebody and injured three others.

In other news, a man walked into an elementary school and beat the crap out of one of the staff members of the school.

As I was watching this, I kept saying to myself: Wait a minute, there is crime happening here in New York but my father doesn't notice because his focus is about who got shot in Haiti yesterday.

Here is what I have to tell you, my friends from the diaspora:

Haiti is a country like every other country. There are good things happening there, they are bad things happening there just as there are good things happening where you live and they are bad things happening where you live.

Stop listening to the rablabla news jokers in Haiti who are making their daily bread only focusing on all of the terrible things that goes on in the country every day.

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