Haitians file NEW cholera lawsuit against the United Nations

A new group of Haitians have filed another lawsuit against the United Nations over the thousands of cholera deaths in Haiti they claim the UN is responsible for...

The Gardian reports...

1,500 Haitian victims and their family members sued the UN in a federal court in Brooklyn in a class action.

The plaintiffs seek to hold the UN responsible for the health catastrophe, as well as demanding compensation for victims and a UN-sponsored mission to help devastated Haitian communities.

See the lawsuit document here...

The lawsuit states that the death of thousands of Haitians due to cholera is a direct result of the negligence and recklessness of the UN and of MINUSTAH, the UN Stabilization mission in Haiti...

What do you think about that?

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Ronald says...

You should endeavor to educate yourself before pontificating on things of which you know very little.

FYI, the U.N. did not come to "help" Haiti, The U.N. was sent by their master to "keep the native at bay" after the U.S. and France inspired coup against the Aristide's administration.

Your say that Haiti is "dependent" on the U.N. for what, pre tell, raping our women and young boys?

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Ricart says...

I guess it is true, "no good deed goes unpunished".

Filing a lawsuit against people who came to help - without any sort of compensation from the Haitians - is outrageous.

Furthermore, suing the UN is a self-defeating strategy when Haiti is so utterly dependent on the UN.

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Subject: Haitians file NEW cholera lawsuit against the United Nations edit

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